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Top 13 Funny Animal Rescue Quotes

#1. the very thought of you
has my legs spread apart
like an easel with a canvas
begging for art - Author: Rupi Kaur
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#2. by abolishing any chance of being bored we have also lost the time we used to have to think and process. - Author: Greg McKeown
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#3. February, fill the dyke with what thou dost like. - Author: Thomas Tusser
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#4. It is not the thing you fear that you must deal with, it is the mother of the thing you fear. The very thing that has given birth to the nightmare. - Author: David Whyte
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#5. If you can't write, keep trying. If you can't read, ask for help. - Author: Greg Strandberg
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#6. The message of "The Winner Takes It All" is straightforward: It argues that the concept of relationships ending on mutual terms is an emotional fallacy. One person is inevitably okay and the other is inevitably devastated. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#7. Maybe Hell ain't a place meant for us to Burn, maybe Earth is Hell and just a place for us to Learn.. - Author: David Banner
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#8. It was very natural for me to want to disappear into dark theater, I am really very shy. That is something that people never seem to fully grasp because, when you are an actor, you are meant to be an exhibitionist. - Author: Nicole Kidman
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#9. I don't have a hot date. I don't even have a lukewarm date. - Author: Sarah Morgan
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#10. She means the world to me, and nothing will ever change that. - Author: James Dashner
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#11. The difference between ambition and discontent is quite a fine line and sometimes it is hard to tell which is which and which you are feeling! - Author: Rachel Field
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#12. You're wonderful. So full of life and excitement. The priests and servants of the palace, they wear colors, but there's no color inside of them. They just go about their duties, eyes down, solemn. You've got color on the inside, so much of it that it bursts out and colors everything around you. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#13. Entire development would secure him a home only in the midst of civilization and refinement; the higher the state the - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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