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#1. And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries. - Author: Paul Simon
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#2. I could see now that a literary education did not fit one for the popular novelist's trade.Once you had started using words like flavicomous or acroamatic, because you liked the sound of them, you were lost. - Author: Woodrow Wilson
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#3. The moment you can learn to deal with homosexuality in art, it's quite an exciting moment, just as in a sense when people 'come out' it's quite an exciting moment. It means they become aware of their desires, and can deal with them in a remarkably honest way. - Author: David Hockney
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#4. Human emotions are so foolish to them, and human minds and hearts so fragile. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#5. Any time you're making a living at what you love to do, you're blessed. - Author: Tom Petty
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#6. Construct your life plans before satan attempts to destruct you with his death plots. I know this for sure; he is not in to heal! He just came to kill, to steal and destroy! Satan is not wise, it is only crafty! - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#7. Life is absolutely, mysteriously beautiful. - Author: Tom Spanbauer
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#8. The same Constitution that allows her the right, if she wants to, to sit there and say nothing, allows these groups the right to petition their government for redress. - Author: Trey Gowdy
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#9. Without a confession of faith the church's evaluation of its ministers is haphazard and shallow at best; and the church will be in great danger of laying hands on novices and heretics, all because it does not measure candidates for the ministry by a broad and deep standard. - Author: Samuel E. Waldron
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#10. A startling thought this, that a woman could handle business matters as well or better than a man, a revolutionary thought to Scarlett who had been reared in the tradition that men were omniscient and women none too bright. - Author: Margaret Mitchell
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#11. I'm hardly digging trenches for a living. I'm getting to tap into my boyhood fantasies of being a larger-than-life character. - Author: Joel Edgerton
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#12. To live is to die. - Author: Cliff Burton
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#13. Wait, so am I allowed to put my shirt back on? Or did you want me to remove my pants, too? - Author: Kiersten White
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#14. I've gotten so far past the Android and iPhones that I'm back to a flip-phone. It's funny, you can buy antique flip-phones online. A lot of us collect them. Clearly, they're considered antiques. - Author: Tim Allen
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#15. And in that city Ferrante's rise began, at the outer edge of the Spanish court, where he learned that the virtue of sovereigns is their caprice, and Power is an insatiable monster, to be served with slavish devotion in order to snatch every crumb falling from that table. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#16. On Accidentally Eating Dog Treats
Snausages? I've been eating dog treats? Why the fuck would you put them on the counter where the rest of the food is? Fuck it, they're delicious. I will not be shamed by this. - Author: Justin Halpern
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