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Top 18 Funny Acid Quotes

#1. All deaths, all endings, are a path to the next beginning.

Alberto Villoldo

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#2. It's easy to be disciplined when you have no freedoms.

Dick Couch

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#3. But the commission is now. The time to speak is when the Spirit of God boils the message so hot within you that it must come out. The time to write is when God Almighty presses his thumb against your heart and forces the words out like a steaming geyser.

Eric Ludy

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#4. When I was on acid, I would see things like beams of light and I would hear sounds that sounded an awful lot like car horns.

Mitch Hedberg

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#5. I try to pick music for a diner that doesnt involve a lot of lyrics, so you're not paying attention to that. As long as it doesnt dominate the party, it should be more atmosphere music. When I'm by myself, I never play music.

Amy Sedaris

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#6. Whene'er I take my walks abroad,How many poor I see!What shall I render to my GodFor all his gifts to me?

Isaac Watts

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#7. Because of acid, I now know that butter is way better than margarine.

Mitch Hedberg

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#8. I've been doing the Fonda workout: the Peter Fonda workout. That's where I wake up, take a hit of acid, smoke a joint, and go to my sister's house and ask her for money.

Kevin Meaney

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#9. Judith realised, with horror, that they were heading over to talk to her, and couldn't find, at a quick glance, anyone else she knew well enough to get into a conversation with. There were, just occasionally, drawbacks to being a nasty old bitch.

Paul Cornell

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#10. We need a new definition of malnutrition. Malnutrition means under- and over-nutrition. Malnutrition means emaciated and obese.

Catherine Bertini

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#11. What do you want? Where's the goddamn ice I ordered? Where's the booze? There's a war on, man! People are being killed!

Hunter S. Thompson

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#12. Singing and dancing are the greatest emotional outlets you can have.

Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

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#13. Ruling or judging others is considered to be a sentiment that resonates in very low frequencies.

Stephen Richards

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#14. Those who are fond of setting things to rights, have no great objection to seeing them wrong.

William Hazlitt

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#15. Thus we should beware of clinging to vulgar opinions, and judge things by reason's way, not by popular say.

Michel De Montaigne

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#16. When we were on acid, we would go into the woods, because there was less chance that you would run into an authority figure. But we ran into a bear. My friend Duane was there, raising his right hand, swearing to help prevent forest fires. He told me, "Mitchell, Smokey is way more intense in person!"

Mitch Hedberg

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#17. I didn't take it seriously myself at the time, but now all of my old teachers are supportive. Even my principal - I sold out the O2 Arena in London, and he came out to see me, which was really cool. I actually put a picture with him on my Instagram, and I think and he's wearing one of my snapbacks.

Tinie Tempah

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#18. I'm the band leader. That's not to say that the other people are my minions - they all put in a tremendous amount of personality, and push the music in ways I would never expect.

Michael Gira

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