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Top 27 Funny 1 Sentence Quotes

#1. I'll have a sentence in my head that's kind of beautiful and interesting, but I'm not sure why or where it's coming from. So it's kind of funny, because when people point out patterns or themes, it's the exact opposite of my film school experience.

Don Hertzfeldt

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#2. I was on my bus, and on my bus I have a yoga swing. Jennifes comes on, and she goes, ' Hi, Woody, I'm J
is that a sex swing?' Her first sentence to me.

Woody Harrelson

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#3. Carol turned around quickly as if stifling an urge to lunge at Max. He turned back to Max, straining to appear genial. "Okay," he said, "but will you come over here and put your head in my mouth again?"
Max continued to back up, "No, Carol. I don't want to right now.

Dave Eggers

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#4. Now, four years out of high school, I'm in an environment where people appreciate personality over appearance, and that makes me happy.

Connor Franta

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#5. I no longer scramble blindly through hardship. I no longer emerge from a bad time feeling relieved just to have survived. Instead of despairing, I try to find the lesson within the experience.

Halle Berry

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#6. A good trader has to have three things: a chronic inability to accept things at face value, to feel continuously unsettled, and to have humility.

Michael Steinhardt

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#7. Sometimes if I really want to get someone's attention, I'll start a sentence with something like, "I'm not racist, but ... " I say, "I'm not racist, but you look great today." They say, "That wasn't racist at all." I said, "I know. I said I'm not racist. You never listen. Typical Mexican."

Demetri Martin

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#8. My family was totally non-religious. There was no question we were Jewish, but we were not observant.

Elayne Boosler

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#9. Rick to Herschel: My wife is pregnant. That is either a gift here, or a death sentence out there.

The Walking Dead

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#10. Worries flow from her lips like the random words that flow from her fingertips. I reach out and try to catch them, clenching them in my fists, wanting nothing more than to catch them all.

Colleen Hoover

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#11. It's funny, though, speaking of fathers and sons, because me and John Goodman played father and son, like, five or six years ago in the film 'Death Sentence,' and I got back with him again in 'Inside Llewyn Davis.'

Garrett Hedlund

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#12. I don't smoke a lot of pot anymore. No one wants to hang around a guy who ends every sentence with, "Do you guys hate me?"

Mike Birbiglia

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#13. In school, every period ends with a bell. Every sentence ends with a period. Every crime ends with a sentence.

Steven Wright

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#14. Principal Totty was one of those people who frown while they're speaking, and then smile at the end of each sentence. It was weird. It was like there were two different people inside her brain.

Ferguson Fartworthy

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#15. Marriage is like pleading guilty to an indefinite sentence. Without parole.

John Mortimer

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#16. And the Milky Way, like a great aurora, flowed through his body to stand at the edges of the earth. There was a quiet, chilly loneliness in it, and a sort of voluptuous astonishment.

Yasunari Kawabata

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#17. The cool thing about doing a voice-over into a different language is that you get to bring the character of your own culture into it.

Bridgit Mendler

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#18. The end of a season is not the completion of a destiny.

Jamie Larbi

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#19. Why do people who can talk right waste so many words saying nothing?

Vince Vawter

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#20. You know when you mix butt and Angel in the same sentence, it becomes an insult," I say and take a big gulp from the can. With his back to me, he says, "Trust me, I would never dream of insulting your butt. I'm sure it's better than anything I'm cooking out here.

Rucy Ban

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#21. It's funny, Vasher thought, How many things begin with my getting thrown into prison.

Brandon Sanderson

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#22. It's funny,' I noted in the diary, 'how often I seem to build a story around one sentence, nearly always the last one, too. The themes are a bit depressing but I just can't get rid of that.

Daphne Du Maurier

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#23. Funny how any sentence that started with "honestly" usually wasn't.

Jay Bell

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#24. Harper said, "But Snuffleupagus was real."
"That is the most wonderful sentence I have ever heard. I want that on my gravestone. Snuffleupagus was real. No more. Just that.

Joe Hill

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#25. Being a parent is a life sentence. From the day that kid is born until the day you die. And then some. Mum, there is nothing to forgive. You gave me life. And, hey, you're not crazy anymore. Everybody thinks I am. Real funny, mum.

Christopher Titus

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#26. Coming up through the ranks of any calling can be rough, but that battered soul who survives the early years of courting the comic muse comes close to knowing what only the soldier knows: What combat is like.

Dick Cavett

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#27. I don't think of any sentence as a "one-liner", but I do pay attention to how people actually speak when they are being funny. Rhythm is key.

Lorrie Moore

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