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Top 8 Funniest Nasty Quotes

#1. No foreign sky protected me, no stranger's wing shielded my face. I stand as witness to the common lot, survivor of that time, that place. - ANNA AKHMATOVA, FROM POEMS OF AKHMATOVA, TRANSLATED BY STANLEY KUNITZ, WITH MAX HAYWARD - Author: Kristin Hannah
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#2. Hear and believe, even in the storm. When it grows dark, find your song of truth, and then even in the darkness you will know who you are. - Author: Rachelle Dekker
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#3. Of all the Grail romances the most famous, and the most artistically significant, is Parzival, composed sometime between 1195 and 1216. - Author: Michael Baigent
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#4. Hold firmly that our faith is identical with that of the ancients. Deny this, and you dissolve the unity of the Church. - Author: Thomas Aquinas
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#5. Prayer consists simply in giving to God all the careful attention of which the soul is capable. - Author: Simone Weil
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#6. Aretha Franklin was a teenage mom, a musician who came from an incredibly Christian background, but there was a lot of love, which is really inspiring in a feminist way. - Author: Beth Ditto
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#7. Man developed in Africa. He has not continued to do so there. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#8. Judy Price Osgood is a longtime friend of Clinton's, and she says she meets people regularly who say they don't like [Hillary] Clinton. - Author: Tamara Keith
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