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Top 13 Funniest Apprentice Quotes

#1. Self-awareness: it is one of the chief bonuses of advancing age. It is our consolation prize. - Author: Louise Doughty
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#2. Languages are the pedigree of nations. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#3. So then you have to say to yourself: Do I want to be rich, or do I want to do good work? - Author: Jackie Cooper
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#4. Pray, how violent was Mr. Bingley's love?" "I never saw a more promising inclination; he was growing quite inattentive to other people, and wholly engrossed by her. Every time they met, it was more decided and remarkable. At - Author: Jane Austen
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#5. But Marge, what if we chose the wrong religion? Each week we just make God madder and madder. - Author: Matt Groening
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#6. You're our best hope."
"If you call me Obi-Wan I'm going to kick you."
He grinned. "Hot. say Obi-Wan again."
I laughed, shoving his shoulder. "Shut up. - Author: Alyxandra Harvey
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#7. If we can't keep our Palestinian neighbors and Muslim neighbors alive with good water and fresh air, we'll never get them to the peace table. - Author: Mandy Patinkin
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#8. I fell in love with the elegance and precision of genetic analysis and experimentation to answer profound biological questions. - Author: David Suzuki
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#9. Suddenly her head swiveled around like something out of the Exorcist, and she once again pinned Drew with her fathomless gaze. Storm's blowin' in, Dr. Deveraux. - Author: J.K. Hogan
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#10. I always felt that if somebody picks on you it's because they're not happy doing what they're doing. - Author: Benjamin Walker
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#11. All the travelin I ever done is going around the coffeepot looking for the handle. - Author: Annie Proulx
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#12. The transparency and intelligibility of a country with a free market economy can reassure its neighbors that it is not going on a war footing, which can defuse a Hobbesian trap and cramp a leader's freedom to engage in risky bluffing and brinkmanship. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#13. You think this is going to work? This peaceful summit thing?"
"Sure," I said. After a second, I added, "Probably."
"Maybe," I said.
"We're down to maybe now?"
I shrugged. "We'll see. - Author: Jim Butcher
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