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Top 12 Full House Show Quotes

#1. There's no other place I'd rather have it than here in Mexico. It's a race track that I was looking forward to going to from the time we were here last year. This track just fits my driving style perfectly. - Author: Denny Hamlin
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#2. When Joan Rivers walked through the curtain on 'The Tonight Show,' nobody in my house was allowed to utter a sound. Her gait was full of pep and purpose and her voice unmatched. - Author: Judy Gold
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#3. I remember in the old days, when we were promoting a show, we'd be out taping flyers to high-school lockers. Now you just announce the show online, and it's a full house. - Author: Kerry King
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#4. Someday we will regard our children not as creatures to manipulate or to change but rather as messengers from a world we once deeply knew, but which we have long since forgotten, who can reveal to us more about the true secrets of life, and also our own lives, than our parents were ever able to. - Author: Alice Miller
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#5. I actually never auditioned for 'Full House.' I had done a guest appearance on 'Valerie' as the next door neighbor's niece, and from that I got into 'Full House.' I was only five years old, and I was on the show until I was 13. - Author: Jodie Sweetin
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#6. metal sign and use the sharp edge to cleave Berger's head in two. She did nothing as thoughts swirled through her mind. Analysis of consequences. Finally she calmed down. - Author: Stieg Larsson
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#7. Dress up and wait for me outside your house. I'll show you a pleasure-seeking night full of gluttony and lust. And that's only the ride in Her Majesty. - Author: Alexandra Iff
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#8. The most important job of a leader is to instill the confidence to follow. - Author: Kevin T. Cunningham
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#9. Xander let the full extent of his misery show on his face for his mother. She gave his knee a shake, sharing his misery. She was good that way. "Give it some time," she whispered. "You'll make new friends and find new things to do. Wait and see. - Author: Robert Liparulo
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#10. I am a whole lot of trouble. - Author: Leona Lewis
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#11. Can't believe they're running when they're not even late. This used to be a nice, lazy class. - Author: Ken Akamatsu
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#12. One of the first things I said when I signed on for the show was No hugs! Full House was all based on hugs. - Author: Bob Saget
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