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#1. Of all the weapons she had commanded, Elizabeth knew the least of love; and of all the weapons in the world, love was the most dangerous.

Seth Grahame-Smith

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#2. I think one of the main reason's Rick Rosenthal and Whitewater PIctures decided to 'get in bed with me' on 'Fat Kid' was because I came in with a strong business plan as well as a creative vision on how to make the film.

Matthew Lillard

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#3. Kind of like Google crawls the Web, we crawl the social networks. Where Google analyzes links and Web pages, we look at the same thing with people. So we can tell, for example, who you interact with more frequently. Or if it's not frequency, maybe it's consistency.

Mike McCue

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#4. She finally understood that sex was never about orgasms. Sex was merely a vehicle to achieve connection. It wasn't the destination that mattered - only the journey.

Joshua Edward Smith

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#5. I'm happy with what I've done but it's a challenge to try to win more.

Jennifer Capriati

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#6. When I was thirty years old and a half, God sent me a bodily sickness, in which I lay three days and three nights; and on the fourth night I took all my rites of Holy Church, and weened not to have lived till day.

Julian Of Norwich

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#7. Everything that could be said already has; I'm just trying to say it differently.

Eric Hutchinson

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