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#1. When I see a large group of people, I wonder how many of them will eventually require autopsies. - Author: George Carlin
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#2. Luckily you cannot get to the Golden Triangle in a bus. You can only access it on your own two feet! - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#3. I am incredibly proud to return to the Yahoo board. - Author: David Filo
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#4. I sometimes start keeping a journal about the writing process itself. Particularly when I get the ideas, and I am trying to brood over the chaos phase. In writing a novel, you really have to brood over a lot of chaos of ideas and possibilities. - Author: Sue Monk Kidd
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#5. Things aren't bad or good. They just are. - Author: Sheri Reynolds
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#6. I always feel depressed when I go into a country under dictatorial rule. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#7. What a treasure of awesome sights and attractions our country has. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#8. It's very rare to have a patient who isn't absolutely delighted when you say, 'I read your feedback. The session didn't go well. You actually got more upset, and I made about three really horrible errors.' If you do that from the heart and not as a gimmick, boy, it's a wonderful thing. - Author: David D. Burns
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#9. I regard Paris as a feast for the eyes, the senses and brain. It is a phenomenal city. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#10. The Holy Spirit showed me that when I put up walls to keep others out I also wall myself into solitary place of confinement. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#11. I was a heartless, ungrateful wench of a girl who promised everyone who came into contact with me a one-way ticket to pain and hurt. I didn't know how to love and I didn't deserve to be loved back. - Author: Sarra Manning
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#12. chaos on the streets themselves), and - Author: Pauline Frommer
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#13. Beet juice is rich in dietary nitrates, which are precursors for nitric oxide, a chemical that the body uses to cause blood vessels to dilate. Consuming beet juice before exercise increases vasodilatation and blood flow and reduces the oxygen cost of exercise. These - Author: Matt Fitzgerald
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#14. Ella was his strength and his weakness. She was all things to him and he would never stop trying to be all things to her. - Author: Sydney Landon
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#15. I'm now learning how to distinguish when I'm acting and when I'm not acting - offstage as well as onstage. - Author: Micky Dolenz
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#16. Nicaragua is becoming the least expensive Caribbean destination ... - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#17. If I tell a hotel I'm a travel writer, I can't get out of there without spending a few hours looking at every single room! - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#18. The future comes slowly, the present flies and the past stands still forever. - Author: Friedrich Schiller
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#19. At its best, travel should challenge our preconceptions and most cherished views, cause us to rethink our assumptions, shake us a bit, make us broader minded and more understanding. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#20. The lights must never go out,
The music must always play - Author: W. H. Auden
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#21. I think there's been a reaction to the user generation source of travel information, - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#22. I've always found that the best travelers are the very same people who are intensely interested in the history and culture of their own home city. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#23. Once abroad, I eat one meal a day picnic-style: Ive learned that no mature stomach can tolerate an endless routine of rich restaurant meals. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#24. I find, on my own travels, that the most depressing form of culture shock is experienced when you go into a country that is under the thumb of a dictator. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#25. In general, my advice is to seek out people and new ideas when you travel. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#26. When your enemy falls to the ground, help him to get up! Never let a man in that condition stay on the ground! To help the weak, be it enemy, be it rival, is an honour for you! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#27. Dubai,I think is a big bore - a city deliberately built to appeal to tourism, and only built for that purpose, and not possessing a valid culture or history of its own. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#28. Tourism does not go to a city that has lost its soul. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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#29. My favorite place that I've been to that most people haven't been to is the Golden Triangle in the northeast of Thailand, which is inhabited by people as if in the Stone Age, without any form of power, without running water, simply living in huts on stilts. - Author: Arthur Frommer
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