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#1. Sometimes the measure of friendship isn't your ability to not harm but your capacity to forgive the things done to you and ask forgiveness for your own mistakes. - Author: R. K. Milholland
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#2. Don't always worry what your next line is going to be. - Author: Dick Costolo
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#3. Money isn't the only measure of making a house a home. - Author: M. Judeth Nelson
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#4. The measure of a friendship is not its physicality but its significance. Good friendships, online or off, urge us toward empathy; they give us comfort and also pull us out of the prisons of our selves. - Author: Esther Earl
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#5. Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. - Author: George Eliot
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#6. We live in a friendly universe. At the heart of all things is goodness. We receive this goodness in the measure to which we cultivate friendship with the universe. - Author: Dada Vaswani
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#7. Our scientific age demands that we provide definitions, measurements, and statistics in order to be taken seriously. Yet most of the important things in life cannot be precisely defined or measured. Can we define or measure love, beauty, friendship, or decency, for example? - Author: Dennis Prager
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#8. One measure of friendship consists not in the number of things friends can discuss, but in the number of things they need no longer mention. - Author: Clifton Fadiman
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#9. The pro keeps coming on. He beats Resistance at its own game by being even more resolute and even more implacable than it is. - Author: Steven Pressfield
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#10. The tyrant grinds down his slaves and they don't turn against him, they crush those beneath them. - Author: Emily Bronte
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#11. it was as if no woman could be really happy even when she was being taken out to dinner. He felt he ought to say something profound, but, naturally enough, nothing profound came out. 'I mean, she leads - Author: Barbara Pym
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#12. We two make banquets of the plainest fare
In every cup we find the thrill of pleasure ...
For us life always moves with lilting measure
We two, we two, we make our world, our pleasure - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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#13. I measure my friends not by being there with me when everything is going well, but embracing me when I'm criticized and when I endure tough times. - Author: Terraine Francois
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#14. Now in giving honor to one's parents or to the gods, as indeed the Philosopher says, it is impossible to repay them measure for measure; but it suffices that man repay as much as he can, for friendship does not demand measure for measure, but what is possible. - Author: Peter Kreeft
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#15. Tiny Giggles
Silly giggles of laughter
I store upon a shelf
I give some to other
I save some for myself
I am rich beyond all measure
Though not with worldly wealth
I store up these treasures
For my heart and soulful health. - Author: Muse
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#16. My life at home gives me absolute joy. There are some days when, as soon as you've finished cooking breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen, it's time to start lunch, and by the time you've done that, you're doing dinner and thinking, 'There has to be a menu we can order from.' - Author: Julia Roberts
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#17. The afternoon our story begins, the quiet parts of being alive were the busiest: wind unlocking Windows; rainlight nudging curtains apart; fresh-cut grass tickling unsocked feet. Days like this made Alice want to set off on a great adventure. - Author: Tahereh Mafi
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#18. A good scientist values criticism almost higher than friendship: no, in science criticism is the height and measure of friendship. - Author: Francis Crick
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#19. Almost don't matter. You got to deal with the situation at hand. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#20. I gather we're old friends."
"By my standards. I daresay you measure your friends by the years you have known them, but you're wrong. Friendship is not measured in years. - Author: Amanda Hemingway
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#21. I've lost my heart to you. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#22. Most of the truly kind people of this world show some measure of discomfort when offered kindness. Their gratitude stems not only from their understanding of the depth of the force of kindness, but also from their conviction that kindness should not be taken for granted. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#23. I felt obligated by friendship as well as duty to make certain they were comfortably housed. Since men seem to measure comfort by the degree of dirt and confusion that prevails, I deduced that they were very comfortable. - Author: Elizabeth Peters
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#24. I think I might have secretly wished for you to exist all my life but never knew how to admit it. - Author: Truth Devour
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#25. One doesn't measure friendship by length of time only; depth of time is just as valuable. - Author: Helen Clark MacInnes
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#26. The next time I move I hope I get a real easy phone number, something like 2222222. People will ask, "Mitch, how do I get a hold of you?" I'll say, "Just press two for a while, when I answer, you'll know that you've pressed two enough." - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#27. Time keeps no measure when true friends are parted, No record day by day; the sands move not for those who, loyal-hearted, friendship's firm laws obey. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#28. You love writing; I hate it; and if I had a lover who expected a note from me every morning, I should certainly break with him. Let me beg you then not to measure my friendship by my writing ... - Author: Madame De La Fayette
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#29. What's friendship's realest measure?
I'll tell you. The amount of precious time you'll squander on someone else's calamities and fuck-ups. - Author: Richard Ford
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#30. Everywhere and nowhere as the March wind begin to rise and moan like a dead Berserker winding his horn, it drifted on the wind, lonely and savage. - Author: Stephen King
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#31. I compare Stephen Sondheim with humor, because humor is unanalyzable. You can't analyze humor. You just have to get through it. - Author: Elaine Stritch
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#32. To obtain wealth beyond measure, seek to make more friends than money. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#33. We want the people around us to show us a satisfactory measure of genuine empathy, but no one has any idea what that looks like. This puts everyone in the precarious position of guaranteed failure. I know that no one knows how to deal with stuff like this. There are no experts here. - Author: Russ Ramsey
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