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Top 14 Friedrich Von Engels Quotes

#1. It seems to me, dear sister, that you still think the important thing is to become like everybody else. In reality, the important thing is to become different from the others, to discover your uniqueness. You're a rebel by birth, but that doesn't mean much. Your own rebellion is still ahead of you. - Author: Andreas Eschbach
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#2. Prey cannot bribe its way out of a predator's hand. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#3. One of the problems with studies that examine the effects of violent imagery is that they typically use mentally healthy psychology students. If you want to do a meaningful study, show movies like Body Double and Copycat to a group of sexual psychopaths the day before you release them. - Author: Park Dietz
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#4. I've been beating my head all day long on the same six lines, - Author: Tracy K. Smith
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#5. Just because I'd spent so many years coloring inside the lines, it wasn't fair for me to expect perfection. People make mistakes. Life isn't fair. People change. - Author: Sarah Dunn
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#6. The choices I make - they have to be creative. - Author: Huey Lewis
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#7. That's what happens when people reach old age; nobody remembers they've been bastards too. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#8. Not being allowed to persecute someone else in the name of your religion does NOT equate to religious persecution. - Author: Christina Engela
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#9. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for US service members and veterans, far outstripping combat-related deaths. - Author: Cara Hoffman
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#10. Men come and go, but dust accumulates. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#11. Perhaps writing only arouses the passions in order to allay them, as beaters flush out the game in order to expose it to the hunter's arrows. - Author: Amin Maalouf
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#12. It is now quite obvious that the humanists are using public education as the battering ram with which to destroy Christianity in the United States. - Author: Samuel Blumenfeld
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#13. If we keep treating our most important values as meaningless relics, that's exactly what they'll become. - Author: Michael Josephson
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#14. Fortunately, at the last hour, there were always a few soldiers to save Civilization. - Author: Oswald Spengler
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