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#1. Descartes, the Frenchman, had little trouble knowing that he existed. - Author: N.D. Wilson
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#2. Hurrah for Peace, Frenchy, and the simple life! Where a man can live comfortably and runs no danger of being killed for things he doesn't understand - there is his real homeland! - Author: Vicente Blasco Ibanez
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#3. The unconscious is selective, when it learns what to listen for. - Author: Philip K. Dick
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#4. New York was something like a circus performer walking a tightrope an juggling at the same time ... It could barely maintain its position, but an movement would tip the whole balance. - Author: John Lindsay
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#5. The honor of acting as New Orleans's mascot comes with a profound responsibility to forsake stress, stability, sobriety, monogamy, respectability, and all manner of legitimate employment and lawful behavior. - Author: Frenchy Brouillette
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#6. Even if your fantasy comes true, that doesn't mean you should stop dreaming. - Author: Jonathan Knight
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#7. The making of a human likeness on film is a political act. - Author: Allan Sekula
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#8. It's just what I'm born to do, I'm born to entertain people. I could do it for thirty-thousand people or three people, it's just what I know how to do. My soul objective only is for me to have the audience say 'when's the next time I can see him?' That's what I do. - Author: Mike Tyson
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#9. We must never forget that our small, daily acts can total a great sum of love. They can be the stars by which others find their way through the dark voyage of life. - Author: Jamie Langston Turner
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#10. Boycotting the referendum is a possible option ... because we believe that participating in the voting might be a useless act. - Author: Saleh Al-Mutlaq
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#11. James Russell Lowell wrote: It's not what we give but what we share, For the gift without the giver is bare. Who gives of himself of his alms feeds three, Himself, his hungering neighbor, and me. - Author: John Wooden
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#12. A friend of mine was asked to a costume ball a short time ago. He slapped some egg on his face and went as a liberal economist. - Author: Ronald Reagan
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