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#1. If you're in the middle of the ocean with no flippers and no life preserver and you hear a helicopter, this is music. You have to adjust to your needs at the moment. - Author: Tom Waits
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#2. The person who receives the most favors is the one who knows how to return them. - Author: Publilius Syrus
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#3. When anyone but God tells me I can or cannot, should or should not do something, I get a distinct desire to rebel. - Author: Melanie Dickerson
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#4. I'm sexing raw dog without protection. - Author: LL Cool J
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#5. Really, I do not know whether my paintings are surrealist or not, but I do know that they are the frankest expression of myself. - Author: Frida Kahlo
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#6. Smiling half-reluctance seems to promise more than the frankest gesture of desire. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#7. The actual writing time is a lot shorter than the thinking time. I don't do too many notes. I keep it mostly in my head. I usually start writing a new book around January, and it's due October 1. - Author: Harlan Coben
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#8. Even the frankest and bravest of subordinates do not talk with their boss the same way they talk with colleagues. - Author: Robert K. Greenleaf
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#9. The frankest and freest and privatest product of the human mind and heart is a love letter ... - Author: Mark Twain
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#10. For a good many years now I have practised at the bar; and, if that fact offers no guarantee of unimpeachable veracity it at least furnishes presumptive evidence of a fairly robust moral epidermis. I may not be believed; but the frankest scepticism will leave me undisturbed and unabashed. - Author: R. Austin Freeman
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#11. The frankest and freest product of the human mind and heart is a love letter; the writer gets his limitless freedom of statement and expression from his sense that no stranger is going to see what he is writing. - Author: Mark Twain
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#12. I have sat through an Italian opera, til, for sheer pain, and inexplicable anguish, I have rushed out into the noisiest places of the crowded street, to solace myself with sounds which I was not obliged to follow and get rid of the distracting torment of endless, fruitless, barren attention! - Author: Charles Lamb
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#13. I've discovered that most critics themselves are cinematically illiterate. They don't really know much about movies. They don't know the history. They don't know the technology. They don't know anything. So for them to try to analyze it, they're lost. - Author: George Lucas
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#14. I'm usually pretty happy. I don't ever really get disturbed in any way, or feel like I need to go back and change something. - Author: Jeff Tweedy
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