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Top 12 Forums Bikers Quotes

#1. Nora cocked her head as she studied it. It was an interesting piece. Rather large as it lay nestled in the short, dark curls. It seemed oddly harmless lying there, and she had a sudden urge to reach out and touch it. - Author: Kinley MacGregor
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#2. It's funny how people who we fight with the most at the end of day are the ones that really got your back. - Author: Jasmine V
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#3. Being engaged in some way for the good of the community, whatever that community, is a factor in a meaningful life. We long to belong, and belonging and caring anchors our sense of place in the universe. - Author: Patricia Churchland
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#4. Men and women who had worn suits for decades traded punches powerful enough to crush elephant skulls, dodged and deflected attacks too fast for the eye to follow, and died suddenly, often before the crowd registered the killing blow.
Victors and dead men were separated by a blink of the eye. - Author: Zachary Jernigan
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#5. I might be a freak, but I preferred to keep that part of my personality private. - Author: Tara Spears
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#6. In everyone there is some willingness to merge with the anonymous crowd and to flow comfortably along with it down the river of pseudo-life. This is much more than a simple conflict between two identities. It is something far worse: it is a challenge to the very notion of identity itself. - Author: Vaclav Havel
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#7. Enthusiasm is my superpower. One might say that confidence yields the same result. I disagree. Confidence is about yourself, enthusiasm is about something else. Confidence is impressive, but enthusiasm is infectious. Confidence is serious, enthusiasm is fun. - Author: Tina Roth-Eisenberg
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#8. I think I should understand that better, if I had it written down: but I can't quite follow it as you say it. - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#9. Persons without education certainly do not want [lack] either acuteness or strength of mind in what concerns themselves, or in things immediately within their observation; but they have no power of abstraction
they see their objects always near, never in the horizon. - Author: William Hazlitt
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#10. Because people do different jobs. If they do the same job, they should get the same pay. - Author: Donald Trump
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#11. My dad is a really honest, hardworking, straight guy. - Author: Joe Lando
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#12. Hidden nature is secret God. - Author: Sri Aurobindo
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