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#1. I put on a show of confidence as often as I could, but inside, I was a befuddled mess. I secretly wished my mother would live forever. - Merrick Delmar - Author: Heidi Peltier
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#2. He'd promised her forever, but now that there was another option, would he want to take it? He'd said not, but Bessina had butterflies taking up residence in her stomach at the thought. She had to know for sure. - Author: Inger Iversen
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#3. Each day is new, but our lives shall be old in each new day if we fail to understand why each day is new. - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#4. A guy and a girl can just be friends, but at one point or another they will fall for each other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever. - Author: Becky Wicks
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#5. Is it possible to fall in love at thirteen, because I think I just looked into the eyes of the girl I want to look at forever. - Author: Danielle Rocco
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#6. To all the fallen: may they be young forever in heaven. To all the wounded: may they have strength and heal. To all the bereaved: may they feel joy again. And please God," he added quietly, "may there one day be an end to war. - Author: Jo Beverley
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#7. The Boomers will eventually have to accept that it is not possible to stay forever young or to stop aging. But it is possible, by committing to show up for others in community after community, to earn a measure of immortality. - Author: Eric Liu
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#8. The old who refuse to die merely on principle live on forever, to hate life and complain of all the things they could have been spared had they the good sense to die young. - Author: Michelle Franklin
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#9. With age come the inner, the higher life. Who would be forever young, to dwell always in externals? - Author: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
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#10. You can't stay young forever. Being young is a privilege. God knows, how many of them in their death bed wished to be young again and they regretted all the things they should have and should not have done. - Author: Diyar Harraz
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#11. Aren't we forever? - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#12. Pause and remember - Nothing lasts forever. Better days are coming, but they will come faster with faith. - Author: Jennifer Young
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#13. But it's like time is sort of ... balanced. We're young for such a small fraction of our lives, and yet our youth seems to stretch on forever. Then we're old for years and years, but time flies by fastest then. So it all comes out equal in the end, don't you see. - Author: Anne Tyler
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#14. I don't know why everyone feels the pressure to look young. Personally, I hate it. I don't want to inject Botox and look young forever. It's living in denial and anything that has an undercurrent of this philosophy is bad for your growth. - Author: Kangana Ranaut
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#15. I love you to the moon and bed. - Author: C.J. Carlyon
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#16. It was a vivid memory for someone so young but one which has stayed with me forever. - Author: Nicci Greene
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#17. We'll meet again in Lvov, my love and I ... Tatiana hums, eating her ice cream, in our Leningrad, in jasmine June, near Fontanka, the Neva, the Summer Garden, where we are forever young. - Author: Paullina Simons
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#18. The bleached ceilings, walls, and floors gleam in perfection. Drained of color, wiped of contamination, forever untainted they exist; a cold reminder of my purity. - Author: Celeste Simone
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#19. May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung. May you stay forever young. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#20. In a desperate attempt to stay young forever we have achieved eternal childishness, rather than eternal youth. - Author: Daniel Prokop
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#21. Every day is its own infinity, every hour, its own eternity, every minute, its own forever. - Author: Shelly Crane
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#22. The child inside of you knows how to take things as they come, how to deal most effectively and happily with everything and everyone it encounters on this planet. If you can recapture that childlike essence of your being, you can stay 'forever young at heart.' - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#23. A common question asked of Mr. Fenn was, "How old is the boy?" to which Mr. Fenn's reply, year after year, was, "He has been somewhere between twelve and thirteen since the day I laid eyes on him. - Author: Christopher Daniel Mechling
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#24. Something warned me that what I might see would haunt me forever. - Author: Guillermo Del Toro
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#25. Until the blood from my pen runs dry, I shall worship the Greek body, the Greek mind, and the Greek soul.
Until my tears land upon Greek soil, I shall forever live in exile. - Author: Pietros Maneos
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#26. There's a Cuban saying: Bicho malo nunca muere. Loose translation: The good die young but the wicked live forever. It seems to apply to Fidel. I hope it applies to me. - Author: Gustavo Perez Firmat
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#27. You ... you've been here quite a long time, haven't you?
What? Oh ... yes. Ever since I married What's-her-name. Uh, Martha. Even before that. Forever. Dashed hopes, and good intentions. Good, better, best, bested. How do you like that for a declension, young man? - Author: Edward Albee
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#28. If your customer base is aging with you, then eventually you are going to become obsolete or irrelevant. You need to be constantly figuring out who are your new customers and what are you doing to stay forever young. - Author: Jeff Bezos
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#29. If we could switch off the aging gene we would. There's no technology that we've had that we haven't used. We are in the capital of staying young forever. - Author: Andrew Niccol
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#30. As you're growing up, it's odd, because directors don't expect you to grow up. They think you'll be young forever, but as an actor, there is an awkward period when you're too young for old or too old for young, and it can be an odd time. - Author: Nicholas Hoult
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#31. When you start learning how to give when you're young, when you get older it is second nature. Just like stealing. Start young and you keep on stealing forever. Ask my politicians. - Author: Mechai Viravaidya
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#32. The Dreaming is always; forever ... it's always happening, and us mob, we're part of it, all the time, everywhere, and every-when too. - Author: Kate Constable
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