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#1. We're just fragile machines programmed with a false sense of our own importance. And every now and then the universe sends a reminder that we don't really matter to it ...

Neil Strauss

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#2. I cannot face with comfort the idea of life without work; work and the free play of the imagination are for me the same thing, I take no pleasure in anything else.

Sigmund Freud

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#3. I was just about 6 weeks old when we moved to Detroit.

Eddie Floyd

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#4. Emptiness is filling me To the point of agony/ Growing darkness taking dawn/
I was me but now he's gone/


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#5. Women can more easily conquer their passion than their coquetterie.

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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#6. It all depends on what you choose to believe.

Spencer Johnson

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#7. We cannot change others, but when we change ourselves, we may end up changing the world.

Melody Beattie

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#8. What are you, Zombie Slayer Barbie?"
The big man in the back barked a laugh. "You'll pay for that one.

Aria Kane

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#9. Forelimbs of people, porpoises, bats and horses provide the classic example of homology in most textbooks. They look different, and do different things, but are built of the same bones. No engineer, starting from scratch each time, would have built such disparate structures from the same parts.

Stephen Jay Gould

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#10. Finding a mechanism does not bypass the problem of induction.

Simon Blackburn

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#11. I am more and more convinced that some people are put in our lives solely to try our patience and tamper with our tolerance levels.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#12. The disabusing a man strongly possessed with an opinion of his own worth is the very same ill office that was done to the fool at Athens, who fancied all the ships that came into the harbor were his own.

Francois Alexandre Frederic, Duc De La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt

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#13. Opiates are compounds derived from opium and include morphine, codeine, and a variety of related alkaloids. The term opioid is broader and includes all compounds (alkaloids or peptides) that have affinity for opioid receptors.

Alex S. Evers

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#14. His eyes meet mine, and for a moment everything seems like it'll be okay. More than okay, actually.

Collette West

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