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Top 10 Food Therapy Quotes

#1. I got out of autobiography because my story is, I was famous, it was hard for me, I got into therapy. I had trouble with food, I got a nutritionist. There's no story there. - Author: Courtney Thorne-Smith
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#2. The reality is that no one can be forced to join a union against their will, and a union cannot take action against those who decide not to join their union. - Author: Dan Lipinski
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#3. We had so much to say to each other, like we'd been quiet our whole lives until we met. It was as if I had underestimated how hungry I was for a companion, how much I needed to be understood, to be pursued, to be seen and to be reflected in someone's eyes. - Author: Kimberly Novosel
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#4. Therapy to life: Eat with the wise, and drink with the fools! - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#5. What? Don't British women know how to use their knees? - Author: Shannon Hale
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#6. At thirty I lived in a world where death wasn't immediately real; it was always something "out there." My deeply held illusions of immortality - a product of my very conservative religious upbringing - were still pretty much intact. - Author: Sam Keen
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#7. Food is an implement of magic, and only the most coldhearted rationalist could squeeze the juices of life out of it and make it bland. In a true sense, a cookbook is the best source of psychological advice and the kitchen the first choice of room for a therapy of the world. - Author: Thomas More
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#8. By the time I finally caught up with what the hell they were talking about, I realized I really didn't give a damn. - Author: Kayce Lassiter
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#9. I think there is some real therapy in getting your hands in the dirt and working with food. - Author: Jon Tester
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#10. Food is a lot of people's therapy - when we say comfort food, we really mean that. It's releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good. - Author: Brett Hoebel
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