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#1. The women's movement was always going to work in two parts. With one part, we'd break open the doors that were closed to women, and with the other part, we'd walk through, transforming society for men and women. Turns out it was a lot easier to open the doors. - Author: Ellen Goodman
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#2. My subconscious is furious, medusa-like in her anger, hair flying, her hands clenched around her face like Edvard Munch's Scream. - Author: E.L. James
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#3. Many of the books I read, I had to read them in French, English, or Italian, because they hadn't been translated into Spanish. - Author: Antonio Munoz Molina
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#4. The Christian imagination bas produced nothing but an insipid legend. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#5. I see those pages as she goes back and forth, enjoying simply enjoying the beauties of the moments then chastising herself for having 'no edge' being simple and worse, harmless. - Author: Michael Cunningham
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#6. One has to nurture a new generation, to raise children in the spirit of Islam. - Author: Akhmad Kadyrov
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#7. One arrow, that had been her promise. But she'd also promised Ansel that she had twenty minutes to get out of range. Celaena had fired after twenty-one. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#8. [The writer] can easily foresee his fate ... in an age when an author who wants to have readers must take care to write in such a way that the book can easily be perused during an afternoon nap ... - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#9. You haven't been smiling much. I missed it, so I decided to reward you for doing it." "Reward me?" I laughed. "God, only you would think kissing someone is a reward." "You know it is. My lips change lives, baby. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#10. A whistle in the dark is still a whistle. - Author: Gideon Levy
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#11. Ten years after the Chernobyl accident, and am I the only one that's disappointed? Still no superheros. - Author: Jimmy Carr
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