Top 5 Folosind Metoda Quotes

#1. There are good fathers and bad fathers, good sons and bad sons, good husbands and bad ones, but great friends are all alike. We choose them and keep them. We aren't bound to them by anything but love.

Sarah Manguso

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#2. For we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world; and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won.

L.M. Montgomery

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#3. It was the first time he'd persuaded a girl into bed by mentioning the possibility of fleas.

Karen Chance

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#4. Amazing how what you didn't have kept coming to mind.

L.E. Modesitt Jr.

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#5. Even if you do no work that is particularly lofty or far-reaching, if you can shed mundane feelings, that is a great achievement. Even if you do not strive much for progress in learning, if you can minimize the influence things have on you, you will soar into the realm of sages.

Zicheng Hong

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