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#1. We must bring light to as many people as possible. Who has time to indulge in self-pity or guilt? In advanced self-giving you have no time for this. You just push these emotions out. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#2. Going out is such a hassle. The singles club scene where you sit down, talk, get to know each other, hang out-it's such a big ordeal. - Author: Brian Austin Green
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#3. If you you work for a living why kill yourself working - Author: Thabiso Monkoe
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#4. I got no problem with no Canadian niggas ... as long as y'all niggas know how to barbeque I got no problem with you being my neighbours. I mean, Canadian beer sucks, but.. - Author: Immortal Technique
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#5. Eroticism is the approval of life unto death. - Author: Georges Bataille
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#6. Every night is an imitation of death. Without that I would have killed myself long ago.' She - Author: Iris Murdoch
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#7. It won't kill you to wear that same pair of socks one more day. - Author: Tadahiko Nagao
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#8. It's how we survive the hurt in life that brings us strength and gives us beauty. - Author: Beth Hoffman
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#9. Your most memorable students are in your first classes and your last classes: make your last years the finest of your career. - Author: Andy Hargreaves
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#10. I want to fall in love with the internet, but I haven't fallen in love with it yet, because I still have not given love on the internet. - Author: Terence Koh
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#11. Look at your ministry as a marathon not a sprint - build deep foundations of intimacy with God and never let your public schedule get fuller than your time alone with God. - Author: Vicky Beeching
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#12. I'm a conservative kind of person. I don't think rightwing is quite the same thing. But I acknowledge my conservatism of temperament. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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