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Top 18 Flexible Woman Quotes

#1. As a society, we need to get lots more flexible about what constitutes beauty. It isn't a particular hair color or a particular body type; it's the woman who grew the hair and lives in the body. Keeping this in mind can only make things better. (341) - Author: Victoria Moran
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#2. Instant telecommunication allows better and updated information, lessons learnt and problems encountered to be exchanged and debated, it alerts us more quickly to problems and brings to many households around the world visions and information which hopefully spur us to action. - Author: Carol Bellamy
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#3. Usually the most we feared from humans was either running into crazy slayer types - Author: Richelle Mead
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#4. Humans have a light side and a dark side, and it's up to us to choose which way we're going to live our lives. Even if you start out on the dark side, it doesn't mean you have to continue your journey that way. You always have time to turn it around. - Author: Taraji P. Henson
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#5. Karma's not like a bank. Make a deposit, take a withdrawal. But more and more, I am starting to suspect that all this is payback for something - only not the good kind. - Author: Gayle Forman
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#6. You tell a man the truth about himself and, well, they find they have trouble accepting it. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#7. When we can see an immediate payoff, we are more likely to change our behavior in the moment. This aligns our daily actions with our long-term interests. - Author: Tom Rath
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#8. I hate brandy...it stinks of modern literature. - Author: Harold Pinter
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#9. Whatever may be the success of my stories, I shall be resolute in preserving my incognito, having observed that a nom de plume secures all the advantages without the disagreeables of reputation. - Author: George Eliot
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#10. Cubism. Seeing beyond what is on the surface. Moving both eyes and a nose to the side of the face. Dicing bodies and tables and guitars as if they were celery sticks, and rearranging them so that you have to really see them to see them. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#11. But Krishna is flexible when it comes to who a person worships," I say. "He said that whatever god a man or woman worships with love, it is the same as worshipping him. I think that line is one of the keys to the Gita. The worship is for the sake of the devotee, not for the sake of the god. - Author: Christopher Pike
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#12. Let your motto then always be 'Excelsior', for by living up to it there is no such word as fail. - Author: P.T. Barnum
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#13. Partnership, not dependence, is the real romance in marriage. - Author: Muriel Fox
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#14. Every time a woman leaves the workforce because she can't find or afford childcare, or she can't work out a flexible arrangement with her boss, or she has no paid maternity leave, her family's income falls down a notch. Simultaneously, national productivity numbers decline. - Author: Madeleine M. Kunin
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#15. And slavery is the worst of all outcomes ,worse than war - Author: Alija Izetbegovic
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#16. Partner struck me as an ugly euphemism. Euphemism in the sense that people don't like to talk about sex, so they displace it on to some kind of business model. Since I have a distaste for business, I see no appeal to something that sounds like a financial leadership team. - Author: Barbara Browning
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#17. We have let Eros mean slavery, but Eros also has the power to set us free. We must demand the right to depict women's lives as we know them, not as we might like them to be. We must stop applying political prescriptions to creativity. - Author: Erica Jong
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#18. Ender Wiggin isn't a killer. He just wins - thoroughly. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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