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#1. And on the subject of naming animals, can I just say how happy I was to discover that the word yeti, literally translated, apparently means "that thing over there."
("Quick, brave Himalayan Guide - what's that thing over there?"
"I see.") - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#2. I'll chase the demons away, Maus. - Author: Tionne Rogers
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#3. To be a presence of perpetual thanksgiving may be the ultimate goal of life. The thankful person is the one for whom life is simply one long exercise in the sacred. - Author: Joan D. Chittister
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#4. Even when I don't see, I still believe. - Author: Jeremy Camp
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#5. Thinking about Heaven can inspire and encourage us to be more heavenly-minded and realize that Heaven is a real place where we're really going to live. - Author: David Berg
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#6. Some strive to make themselves great. Others help others see and find their own greatness. It's the latter who really enrich the world we live in - Author: Rasheed Ogunlaru
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#7. I dislike people who get out of things unscraped. No scars, no scratches. Agnosceo veteris vestigia flamme. Refined through a scar. - Author: Danilo Kis
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#8. Cigarette kisses the flame. But the mouth kisses the woman. (Cigarette embrasse la flamme. - Mais la bouche embrasse la femme.) - Author: Charles De Leusse
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#9. Anytime you do a job, especially one that's as intense and long as this one was, you have phantom work syndrome. I'm constantly feeling like I'm miked, so I'm careful of what I say all the time. - Author: Sam Huntington
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#10. But what I mean is she talks like a cliche. Do you know that word?" "It means what is always said or believed by people who think only a little or not at all. - Author: Stephen King
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#11. This was what we did as a species, after all: we built ingenious devices, and we destroyed things. - Author: Mark O'Connell
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#12. I suppose I should make a little apology to Cyndi - although I'm not taking the blame for this - because I was the one who did say Cyndi had won. - Author: Terry Wogan
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#13. Polysemy, and it is very common. Sound is another polysemic word. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#14. Et if today has no meaning, the past was a Blank and the future is a Chaos. - Author: Henry Ford
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#15. Well if it isn't little miss 'Call Me Maybe' back from the dead. - Author: Faith Sullivan
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#16. On nights that I'm feeling a need to stretch personally and artistically, I tend to put together outfits that are very quirky, mismatched and over-the-top eclectic. - Author: Esperanza Spalding
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