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#1. Fucking hell, India Savage wants hearts and flowers."
I went up on my forearm. Hearts and flowers! As if! I was a Rock Chick!
"I do not!" I snapped.
He was grinning at me. "Yes you do. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#2. Just because we want our favorite team to win does not mean there's any lack of toughness when a player chooses family first. - Author: LZ Granderson
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#3. In other words, or perhaps another thing, whatever I said it was never enough and always too much. Yes, - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#4. This wise old whiskery fish swims up to three young fish and goes, 'Morning, boys, how's the water?' and swims away; and the three young fish watch him swim away and look at each other and go, 'What the fuck is water?' and swim away. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#5. Once you do a joke and it works it's only good for so long, like shooting fish in a barrel. - Author: Bill Burr
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#6. I pressed and I prayed. It was only right that pressing went with prayer. That and being sorry. Every wrinkle was a patch of sorry to be smoothed and flattened. - Author: Rita Williams-Garcia
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#7. Scillara was not cruel; she was simply not interested and he did not hold this against her. It seemed to him that frankly most people by temperament and character should not be thrust into the role of parents. She was simply uncharacteristic in admitting it. He - Author: Ian C. Esslemont
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#8. What matters is that someone - that you - know me that well. When a person can see into your soul, it's hard. It forces you to be open. Vulnerable. It's much easier being with someone who's just more of a casual friend. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#9. Any child born into the hugely consumptionist way of life so common in the industrial world will have an impact that is, on average, many times more destructive than that of a child born in the developing world. - Author: Al Gore
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#10. So, great. This is Camp ... what do you call it? Camp Fish-Blood?"
Aphros frowned. "I hope that was a joke. This is Camp ." He made a sound that was a series of sonar pings and hisses. - Author: Rick Riordan
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