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Top 16 Financial Adviser Quotes

#1. Massachusetts has prohibited most financial advisers from using titles like 'certified senior adviser,' and some of the largest insurers, including MetLife and Genworth Financial, have similar rules. - Author: Charles Duhigg
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#2. Having a financial adviser enables the investor to carry a psychological call option. If the investment decision turns out well, the investor takes the credit, and if it turns out badly, the regret can be lowered by blaming the adviser. - Author: Hersh Shefrin
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#3. I am a work in progress Dressed in the fabric of a world unfolding Offering me intricate patterns of questions Rhythms that never come clean And strengths that you still haven't seen - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#4. There are times when the heart, like the canary in the coal mine, breathes in the world's toxicity and begins to die. - Author: Parker J. Palmer
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#5. I have an accountant, obviously, because I'm self employed, and I use an independent financial adviser. I trust my accountant because we have worked together for a long time now. - Author: Richard C. Armitage
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#6. I'm happy to tell you that my debt is retired. That happened because I got a good financial adviser. - Author: Lisa Caputo
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#7. Writing without making mistakes is like vomiting hot air. - Author: Gunter Brus
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#8. I worked as an interior designer. I worked as a furniture salesman. I worked as a financial adviser. I worked as a painter and decorator - that wasn't for very long. I was a baker for about four-and-a-half years. - Author: Anton Du Beke
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#9. I find that writing unit tests actually increases my programming speed - Author: Martin Fowler
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#10. Don't always believe the advice of financial adviser / intermediary consultant because they might have misguided you to sale their product. You chose your product according to your needs. - Author: R.K. Mohapatra
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#11. The FBI announced today that they are now looking for Osama bin Laden's financial adviser. You think this guy is in demand. How good can he be? his top client is living in a cave and driving a donkey. It doesn't sound like he is getting the best return on his investments to me. - Author: Jay Leno
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#12. The players are too serious. They don't have any fun any more. They come to camp with a financial adviser and they read the stock market page before the sports pages. They concern themselves with statistics rather than simply playing the game and enjoying it for what it is. - Author: Rocky Bridges
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#13. Before you place your financial future in the hands of an adviser, it's imperative that you find someone who not only makes you comfortable but whose honesty is beyond reproach. - Author: Benjamin Graham
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#14. As a young kid, I wasn't really interested at that stage - getting financial advice was far from my mind. I was focused on playing football. But I got onboard with this financial adviser and I heeded his advice, and that was my smartest money decision. - Author: Robbie Fowler
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#15. First something is a great idea, then it becomes a cause, then it becomes a business and finally it becomes a racket. - Author: Eric Hoffer
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#16. My heart occasionally stuttered, out of sync, out of power - almost
as if it recognised death and wanted to give in. I forced it to do the bare essentials, keeping me from a grave. I was in the coffin ready to be buried, but I wasn't a corpse just yet. - Author: Pepper Winters
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