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#1. Something is always happening somewhere. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#2. To survive the Borderlands you must live sin fronteras be a crossroads. - Author: Gloria E. Anzaldua
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#3. What interests me, ... is why people are so repelled when, after all, everyone started life attached. In a sense, the twins have never been born because they are still tied by an umbilical cord. Relationships between women - daughters, mothers, friends - are one of my strong interests. - Author: Judith Perelman Rossner
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#4. The voice of the Dreamer often pushes us to escape. When we listen to her voice, our dreams are held captive. We dream things shaped by heaven but twisted by the world, things of escape and vacation and eternal lounging. - Author: Emily P. Freeman
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#5. No wonder women have achieved a more equal footing with men in areas they never fought for
ulcers, hypertension, and heart attacks. We're racing around trying to be all things to all people, burdened by a brutal mix of ambition, anxiety, and guilt. - Author: Kathie Lee Gifford
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#6. I go for all sharing the privileges of the government, who assist in bearing its burdens. Consequently, I go for admitting all whites to the right of suffrage, who pay taxes or bear arms (by no means excluding females). - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#7. Not long after, as Tom, all undressed for bed, was surveying his drenched garments by the light of - Author: Mark Twain
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#8. People who challenge themselves are beautiful. You can make it, fighting! - Author: Yoseob
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