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Top 43 Feeling Forgotten Quotes

#1. The freshness of an unworn garment in her hands couldn't extinguish the feeling that she was a damaged, hole-ridden item, thrown to the back of a closet to be forgotten. - Author: Jessica Shook
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#2. That's why I'm sorry. I'm sorry because you shouldn't have to be everything to me. I had you, but I'd forgotten that I had myself too. It's a new feeling, something I'm getting used to. - Author: Marie Lu
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#3. For a minute, the fantasy frightened her, but ultimately, this fear saved her from feeling alone. - Author: Stephen Grosz
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#4. What frightened him was not the thought that he was a prisoner of Charlie Manx but that for a moment he had forgotten he was a prisoner. For a moment he had been admiring the light and feeling almost happy. - Author: Joe Hill
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#5. Zane swallowed hard as he slid his hand to take Ty's and lace their
fingers together. "Are you feeling this, too?" he asked, echoing what they'd
asked each other months ago, only to have it pushed aside. But not forgotten. - Author: Abigail Roux
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#6. Whatever happened to Warren Buffett, the world's their-richest man? Guilt, a feeling of being blessed by luck, forgotten lessons - who knows? In any case, Buffett now believe that government should redistribute the wealth earned by others to those who did not earn it. - Author: Larry Elder
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#7. Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever ... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. - Author: Aaron Siskind
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#8. It's for the best. But no matter how many times I repeat it, the strange, hollow feeling in my stomach doesn't go away. And ridiculous as it is, I can't shake the persistent, needling feeling that I've forgotten something, or missed something, or lost something forever. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#9. Andy was speechless. He'd forgotten that there was actually another person in the room- someone with her own needs and desires and shit to freak out about. But it was funny, or better than funny, that sometimes two people could be feeling the exact same thing at the exact same time. - Author: Tommy Wallach
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#10. I feel my heart ache, but I've forgotten what that feeling means. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#11. The worst feeling in life is not being lonely; it's being forgotten by the one person you could never forget. - Author: Rahul Rawat
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#12. I kind of hate to be the voice of doom, but I just can't see how prices can't go down. I think people have actually forgotten that property prices can decrease. There's this feeling that they just won't fall, but, of course, that's not true. - Author: Sarah Beeny
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#13. He had the feeling that everything he saw was a broken-off piece of some giant blank thing that he had forgotten had happened to him. - Author: Flannery O'Connor
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#14. Somewhere along the way, during this hunt for Glendower, he'd forgotten to notice how much magic there was in the world. How much magic that wasn't just buried in a tomb. He was feeling it now. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#15. ...in addition to feeling sick and tired and feverish and nauseated, I also felt forgotten. And there was no easy cure for that. - Author: Sarah Thebarge
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#16. She looked around herself, disoriented, like she'd forgotten we were at lunch. Like she'd forgotten we were even at school-surprised that we were not alone in some private place. I understood that feeling exactly. It was hard to remember the rest of the world when I was with her. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#17. If you are feeling low, or trampled, unappreciated, or forgotten ... and you are reading this, realize it is an illusion ... the hope is real ... you are valued ... and what lies ahead ... is brilliance. - Author: Tom Althouse
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#18. Amazingly, i'd actually forgotten that i'm supposed to be plain. i'm so used to alex telling me i'm beautiful. i'm so used to feeling beautiful around him. a hollow opens up in my chest. this is what life will be like without him: everything will become ordinary again. i'll become ordinary again. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#19. Courage is feeling justly afraid and yet still doing what is right. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#20. They made me think of long-forgotten conflicts and compromises between the imagination and the will, reason and feeling, power and sensuality; together with many more specifically personal sensations, experienced in the past, of pleasure and of pain. - Author: Anthony Powell
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#21. Always the way!" muttered the Jew to himself as he turned homewards. "The worst of these women is, that a very little thing serves to call up some long-forgotten feeling; and the best of them is, that it never lasts. Ha! ha! - Author: Charles Dickens
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#22. 'Tryin' to Get the Feeling' has been a revelation. I'd forgotten how powerful that was. I'd forgotten how deep I can crawl into that one, and maybe because I'm older it means even more. - Author: Barry Manilow
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#23. Still, he couldn't reconcile with the way he felt every time their eyes met, a feeling he had never forgotten that resonated with his very being. - Author: Jennifer Silverwood
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#24. I'm feeling great. Well, pretty great, unless I've forgotten to take a couple of Tylenols in the past four or five hours, in which case I've begun to feel some jagged little pains shooting down my left forearm and into the base of the thumb. - Author: Roger Angell
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#25. Go on, have a pasty, said Harry, who had never had anything to share before or, indeed, anyone to share it with. It was a nice feeling, sitting there with Ron, eating their way through all Harry's pasties, cakes, and candies (the sandwiches lay forgotten). - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#26. Which is to say, I'd been lonely for so long, I'd forgotten that I was.
That feeling of disconnection, of grief for something I'd never had, of screaming into a void and knowing no one would hear me
I'd forgotten that was anything other than the basic condition of life. - Author: Robin Wasserman
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#27. You have infiltrated me completely, you make me feel alive Harlow, and I love that feeling. I have had my heart walled off for so long, and you have melted it so I can feel again. ~Beckett - Author: S.M. Stryker
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#28. Remorse, etymologically, is the action of biting again: that's what the feeling does to you. Imagine the strength of the bite when I reread my words. They seemed like some ancient curse I had forgotten even uttering. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#29. If you've ever been there, you've never forgotten. The feeling is as haunting and familiar as the smell of a junior high school locker room. - Author: Frank E. Peretti
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#30. And then when all around grows dark, when we feel utterly alone, when all men right and left pass us by and know us not, a forgotten feeling rises in the breast. - Author: Max Muller
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#31. Oh, all that was so far away, almost forgotten. But during her mother's five-day stay in Paris, that feeling of inferiority, of weakness, of dependency came over her again. - Author: Milan Kundera
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#32. Love the person who has forgotten what it is to be cared for and Ignore the person who just misses the feeling ... - Author: Coco Nicole Estef
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#33. London is like a dream come true. As I ramble through it I am haunted by the curious feeling of something half-forgotten, but still dimly remembered, like a reminiscence of some previous state of existence. It is at once familiar and strange. - Author: Joseph Fort Newton
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#34. Was it so wrong to relish the feeling anyway? To enjoy the way it lingered, leaving her with a wistful awareness, a pleasant unease, as if she had forgotten to do something? Yes, it probably was wrong. But she did not wish it away. - Author: Julie Klassen
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#35. Elephants are highly emotional. Whatever they are feeling, they let it out immediately, and the histrionics are over and forgotten in a moment, lasting no longer than the cloud formations that are constantly coming apart and re-forming overhead. There is no guile in pachyderms. - Author: Alex Shoumatoff
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#36. Our heart knows what our mind has forgotten - it knows the sacred that is within all that exists, and through a depth of feeling we can once again experience this connection, this belonging. - Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
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#37. You cannot beat the feeling of sitting on top of the charts. I had almost forgotten what it feels like ... It feels great! It is really a very exciting time and I am enjoying the ride. - Author: Lionel Richie
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#38. The worst feeling is being forgotten by someone you could never forget... - Author: Jacinta Maree
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#39. THERE CAME AGAIN, during that following spring and summer, the feeling that Angelene had almost forgotten, of being alone in the orchard, of being utterly herself. - Author: Amanda Coplin
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#40. Have you forgotten what it feels like to be alive? The grace of life shining on you; each breath vitalizing you with possibility? Remember! - Author: Bryant McGill
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#41. One day, when you are sitting with my sister, Mahgen, around a fire, and you're feeling how perfectly right it is to be next to her, this moment, this tease of desire between us, will be long forgotten. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#42. I seem to have forgotten my towel," she said, feeling heat everywhere. I'm a fool.
He stepped forward, meeting her gaze. "I seem to have forgotten my name," he said, licking his lips. "Maybe we could both get in the shower and you could scream it for me. - Author: Anna Banks
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#43. After a while I get the feeling that Mum and Brian aren't home. Kane either. It's because the house is making so much noise; ticking and creaking as it stretches in the sun. Acting like a house does when nobody's around to see it. It must have forgotten about me. - Author: Kirsty Eagar
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