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#1. Or as hockey player Sergei Fedorov knows it, 'The day I can legally start telling everyone I am sleeping with Anna Kournikova.' - Author: Craig Kilborn
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#2. So, the total number of hours spent on the stuff you have to do to take care of a family, working and caring for stuff at home, the total number of hours is actually about the same for mothers and fathers. - Author: James Levine
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#3. Maybe that's what religion is, hurling yourself off a cliff and trusting that something bigger will take care of you and carry you to the right place. - Author: Maria Semple
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#4. I love all motor sports at the top level. - Author: Mario Andretti
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#5. Haiti has changed a lot. - Author: Michel Martelly
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#6. Cry Baby is just a character in this world that I'm trying to create, and the music videos are really important to me, and I've fought to obviously get all of them approved. - Author: Melanie Martinez
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#7. Without general elections, without unrestricted freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution, becomes a mere semblance of life, in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element. - Author: Rosa Luxemburg
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#8. A heroic figure ... not wholly to blame for the religion that's been foisted on him. - Author: Ezra Pound
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#9. We must create wealth and we must cut our deficits. - Author: Manuel Valls
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#10. We're only lucky enough to see the wonders of nature's canyons because they're gracious enough to show us the places they've been damaged. - Author: Curtis Tyrone Jones
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#11. On Sergei Fedorov's breaking three sticks on Dallas players: I don't know if Anna (Kournikova) told him to get tougher or what. - Author: Mike Modano
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