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#1. There was a long stint during my childhood after I gave up on being a pro football player - we're talking sixth grade here - that I strongly considered a future writing and drawing comic books. I have been making stuff up ever since. - Author: Adam Ross
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#2. Do not be afraid of people who lurk in the shadows. Stand up for what you believe in. The people in the shadows are no match for people who are not afraid of light. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#3. Toxically shamed people tend to become more and more stagnant as life goes on. They live in a guarded, secretive and defensive way. They try to be more than human (perfect and controlling) or less than human (losing interest in life or stagnated in some addictive behavior). - Author: John Bradshaw
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#4. My heart had always been weak, but loving Grant made it strong. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#5. I wrote my book 'The Amorous Busboy Of Decatur Avenue' completely like a writer does, writing it down, re-writing everything. But in my stand-up, I improvise initially, never questioning it too closely. - Author: Robert Klein
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#6. Everybody was waiting for Chelsea not to win every game and one day when we lose there will be a holiday in the country. But we are ready for that. - Author: Jose Mourinho
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#7. Beloved, surrender wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ, who loves you. As you drink from the deep well of Scripture, the Lord will refresh you and cleanse you, mold you and re-create you through His Living Word. For the Bible is the very breath of God, giving life eternal to those who seek Him. - Author: Francine Rivers
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#8. We were speaking of people living their dreams, and I said that few do, and even fewer enjoy the experience. For too many, when they get their dream, they discover it is not what they wanted. Or the dream is bigger than their abilities, and all ends in bitterness. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#9. There is no point in being overwhelmed by the appalling total of human sufferring; such a total does not exist. Neither poverty nor pain is accumulable. - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#10. An odd thing occurs in the minds of Americans when Indian civilization in mentioned: little or nothing. - Author: Paula Gunn Allen
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#11. I feel like I want to keep moving toward idiosyncracy. Personal, personal, personal. - Author: Charlie Kaufman
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