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Top 12 Favouredly Quotes

#1. The people who had the least were the most willing to share. - Author: Mark Sundeen
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#2. I think, don't you, that a girl with any delicacy of feeling couldn't bring herself to marry a man indirectly responsible for her father's death. No matter how much she was in love with him. - Author: Wallace Stegner
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#3. Faith in people is an essential quality of an influencer when working with others, yet it is a scarce commodity today. - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#4. What people don't realize is that everybody needs support, one way or another. - Author: Freeman A. Hrabowski III
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#5. The mind is an activity, not a repository. - Author: Jean-Henri Fabre
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#6. Yes, I'm reckless and sometime express no concern for my own well being, and I express a misanthropic view of the world, but to have an opinion, you can't be a nihilist. - Author: Marilyn Manson
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#7. Give a child enough rope and he will trip you up. - Author: Laurence J. Peter
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#8. The primary dues a writer or any artist pays is to remain sentient, and to forfeit the illusionary luxury of such anesthetics as avoidance, numbness, and denials. - Author: Vanna Bonta
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#9. It was over now, and the meaningless world was tolerable and need not be explained. And never would it be, and how foolish I had ever been to think so. - Author: Anne Rice
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#10. When God gives you a passion for a particular cause, there is a reason for it, and that reason is not to keep it to yourself. You are called to be a representative for those in need. - Author: Dillon Burroughs
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#11. Hope is slowly extinguished and quickly revived. - Author: Sophia Lee
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#12. you may always find good books to read but the best and the ultimate book to read is the Holy Bible - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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