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#1. The way I pack is I look at how long I'll be gone and I pack day for day. If I'm going on a three-day fishing trip, I plot each day. I put most of that in a little bag. If I'm going from there to work on golf courses for a few days, I plot that trip. - Author: Jack Nicklaus
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#2. When I'm playing comedy, it is such a crap shoot of what will work and what won't. - Author: Elaine Stritch
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#3. Men grieve [Mephistopheles] so with the days of their lamenting, [he] even hate[s] to plague them with [his] torments. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#4. I create offbeat advice; I don't follow it. I rarely take third-party advice on my investments. - Author: Mark Cuban
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#5. Trust the past to the mercy of God, the present to His love, and the future to His providence. - Author: Saint Augustine
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#6. Selfishness is one of the qualities apt to inspire love. - Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
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#7. Britain cherishes her eccentrics and wisely holds that the function of government is to build a walled garden in which anarchy can flourish. - Author: Quentin Crisp
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#8. I want to make sure the people we elect to office believe in America. - Author: Foster Friess
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#9. Faustus: Stay, Mephistopheles, and tell me, what good will
my soul do thy lord?
Mephistopheles: Enlarge his kingdom.
Faustus: Is that the reason he tempts us thus?
Mephistopheles: Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris.
(It is a comfort to the wretched to have companions in misery) - Author: Christopher Marlowe
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