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Top 23 Fatwa Quotes

#1. The past is always tense, the future perfect. - Author: Zadie Smith
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#2. There is some sort of perverse pleasure in knowing that it's basically impossible to send a piece of hate mail through the Internet without its being touched by a gay program. That's kind of funny. - Author: Eric Allman
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#3. Some people are paralyzed by the consciousness of death, other people live with it ... The fatwa certainly made me think about it a lot more than I ever had. I guess I know I'm going to die, but then, so are you. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#4. The alternative comedy scene is actually pretty small, I guess. - Author: Casey Wilson
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#5. Religion and political cartoons, as you may have heard, make a difficult couple, ever since that day of 2005, when a bunch of cartoonists in Denmark drew cartoons that had repercussions all over the world - demonstrations, fatwa, they provoked violence. People died in the violence. - Author: Patrick Chappatte
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#6. Portraiture has its risks, and I suppose a dissident Free Presbyterian fatwa is one of them. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#7. For such people the consummate act of moral clarity was a lynching or a suicide bombing, a fatwa or a pogrom. And they were ascendant now, rising like dark stars over a terminal landscape . - Author: Robert Charles Wilson
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#8. When a decision is made to go to war based on intelligence, it is a fateful decision. It has ramifications and impacts way beyond the current months and years. - Author: Carl Levin
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#9. A fatwa is a religious edict. Such edicts bind only those who seek to follow the Imam issuing them but can be regarded as an option for others seeking an alternative view. - Author: Maajid Nawaz
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#10. Islam has nothing to do with any act of terrorism. We reject every act of extremism and terrorism unconditionally. - Author: Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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#11. We've seen the uproars around the world concerning cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammad. Anyone who does not think comic strips are relevant never had a fatwa put on him/her for drawing a picture. - Author: Elayne Boosler
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#12. The gravedigger's work is charming when done by a child. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#13. I have managed to infuriate the bank bosses; acquire a fatwa from the revolutionary guards of the trades union movement; frighten the 'Daily Telegraph' with a progressive graduate payment; and upset very rich people who are trying to dodge British taxes. I must be doing something right. - Author: Vince Cable
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#14. All over the world great writers were dying young: Italo Calvino, Raymond Carver, and now here was Angela wrestling with the Reaper. A fatwa was not the only way to die. There were older types of death sentence that still worked very well. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#15. I just can't imagine that it's only a coincidence. I think they feel that it's kind of getting out of their control, and they're trying to tighten it back up. - Author: Kevin Mattson
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#16. The love of God is not something vague or generic; the love of God has a name and a face: Jesus Christ. - Author: Pope Francis
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#17. It's so difficult to sustain a fatwa,' said Domenica. 'One has to be so enthusiastic. I'm not sure if I could find the moral energy myself. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#18. I should have told you I loved you every day. I should have given you the stars. - Author: Amie Kaufman
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#19. Because I've always felt, whether the fatwa or whatever, the writer's great weapon is the truth and integrity of his voice. And as long as what you're saying is what you truly, honestly believe to be the case, then whatever the consequences, that's fine. That's an honorable position. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#20. They [terrorists] can't claim that their suicide bombings are martyrdom operations and that they become the heroes of the Muslim Ummah [global brotherhood]. No, they become heroes of hellfire, and they are leading towards hellfire. - Author: Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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#21. I want to play Wonder Woman really badly. I want them to make the movie of 'Wonder Woman', and I want to play Wonder Woman so bad. That'd be really fun. - Author: Jennifer Love Hewitt
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#22. ... it would matter ... to the tens of thousands of young Americans ... who would ... be invited to put on uniforms, fly to the other side of the world, spread their nether cheeks, and sit down on the big green dildo that was Vietnam. - Author: Stephen King
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#23. There's an elitism that comes out with the entertainment industry. I'll talk about some shows, but I'm not gonna say that you're dumb for watching one over the other. I just let it go. I don't have to declare a fatwa on any of these things. I've gotten over some of my elitism. - Author: W. Kamau Bell
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