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#1. When your own romantic life is falling apart, everyone else's looks fabulous. - Author: James Patterson
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#2. I think literature totally fails when it has an agenda. - From an interview on the podcast Starship Sofa, December 2010. - Author: Connie Willis
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#3. I made a living being a background singer for years. - Author: Katey Sagal
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#4. Unfortunately, several companies are attempting to deceive consumers through the unauthorized use of my image or my name, and my attorneys are pursuing those making these false claims. - Author: Mehmet Oz
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#5. I wondered how those traits translated during sex. Was he secretly soft and gentle or rough and controlling? Hot damn. - Author: Anonymous
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#6. I am not one of the people who believe that the main reason why a chap becomes a bookmaker is because he is too scared to steal and too heavy to become a jockey. - Author: Noel Whitcomb
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#7. Publishing magazines for yourself is not good business, man. - Author: Felix Dennis
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#8. When the Creator touches the Creation, the Creation becomes creative. - Author: Dustin Hedrick
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#9. The effectiveness of work increases according to geometric progression if there are no interruptions. - Author: Andre Maurois
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#10. The lessons we learn in sadness and from loss are those that abide. Sorrow clarifies the mind, steadies it, and forces it to weigh things correctly. The soil moist with tears best feeds the seeds of truth. - Author: Theodore T. Munger
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#11. men think that organizing parties of dozens of riders and hounds to chase down one poor fox is sporting." Louise snorted. "Men's opinions are irrelevant. - Author: Julie Berry
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#12. He smiles at me, and for the first time I notice how blue his eyes are- like, bright-shy blue. - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#13. Literature must spring from the deep and submerged humus of our life. - Author: Meridel Le Sueur
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#14. For Juliana comes, and she, what I do to the grass, does to my thoughts and me. - Author: Andrew Marvell
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