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#1. Everything will be fine. Nothing but good times ahead. - Author: Jennifer Crusie
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#2. How can we love days that are filled with sorrow? We can't - at least not in the moment. - Author: Joseph B. Wirthlin
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#3. The north-south line of 'the mountains,' meaning the Cascade Range, forty miles east of Seattle, is a rigid political frontier. - Author: Jonathan Raban
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#4. When Greed makes to money number one priority, it trust nobody - Author: Kishore Bansal
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#5. Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do. - Author: Jose Ortega Y Gasset
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#6. I waited for my body to respond to her nearness. Hoping that my heart would beat wildly or that wonderful tingling feeling would begin to surge from my groin. But my insides were quiet, almost ... bored. - Author: Karen Ann Hopkins
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#7. The bigotry question goes both ways. There's a lot more anti-Christian bigotry today than there is concerning the other side. None of it gets covered by the news media. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#8. As long as there have been men and they have lived, they have all felt this tragic ambiguity of their condition, but as long as there have been philosophers and they have thought, most of them have tried to mask it. - Author: Simone De Beauvoir
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#9. Anyone who has spent any time in space will love it for the rest of their lives. I achieved my childhood dream of the sky. - Author: Valentina Tereshkova
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#10. I can't stomach any kind of notion that serious fiction is good for us, because I don't believe that everything that's wrong with the world has a cure. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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