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#1. Goal setting has traditionally been based on past performance. This practice has tended to perpetuate the sins of the past. - Author: Joseph M. Juran
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#2. The future of the Republican Party and the future of America is based on a values system and the issues that drive those values are on our side. - Author: Tim Scott
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#3. Each time a girl sees science toys under a 'boys' sign, she is told science is not suitable for her. - Author: Laura Bates
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#4. Most Americans said teaching was a hard and important job, but many of them, including teachers and teaching professors, didn't seem to believe it required serious intellectual heft. - Author: Amanda Ripley
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#5. Many times, working is kind of like channeling, and I really don't know what's going to fall on the page. I just did this image of a fat girl and put her on a tiny mountain peak of grass that she's walking over. It just amused me. - Author: Gloria Vanderbilt
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#6. Friendship grows from a caring heart with sense and sensibilities. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#7. I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. - Author: Woody Allen
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#8. Nice days are more unsafe. There are more of them. - Author: Brian Spellman
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#9. I believe that the United States has a moral obligation to stand up for those citizens of the world who cannot stand up for themselves, and I am proud to have authored the bill signed into law today that continues to put significant pressure on the brutal Burmese military junta. - Author: Joseph Crowley
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#10. Our greatest strength isn't our ability to imagine brighter days ahead, it is that we are empowered-in every present moment-to effortlessly dismiss any dark thought or feeling that, left unattended, diminishes our happiness. - Author: Guy Finley
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