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#1. I had to marry a Greek; I had to stir up the ethnic pot. Otherwise, my children would have been anemic and sickly. Now they've got some good Mediterranean blood in them. - Author: Alexandra Wentworth
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#2. You know shit just got serious when you refuse gooey caramel cupcakes which taste like heaven. - Author: Belle Aurora
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#3. Stupidity is sufficient unto itself. Wisdom can never learn enough. - Author: Mechthild Of Magdeburg
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#4. I have never understood people dividing things into dramas and comedies, - Author: Mike Nichols
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#5. Fidelity is the single most important element in solidly enduring marriages. - Author: Frank Pittman
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#6. When I was first elected I got 50% of the vote in '77 in the general election. In '81 I got 75%. In '85, I got 78%. No mayor has ever gotten that high a vote. So it was not an issue. Except for people who were very hostile to me. They thought they would injure me. - Author: Ed Koch
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#7. Imagining Janet Albright, Matt Kensington's terrifying admin, and Max Ackerman, his limo driver, as a couple wasn't as unlikely a vision as he'd expected. In fact, it might be a mighty interesting combination. 'Course, an explosion was interesting-if you wer outside the blast zone. - Author: Joey W. Hill
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#8. As a comic book artist, once you become a master, you end up a slave. In fine art you're always free ... since I couldn't make it at Marvel, I made my life a carnival. - Author: Mark Kostabi
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#9. From the tiniest grain of sand to the brain of an Einstein, all existence, animate and inanimate, is the product of the same ninety-two elements that are themselves the harvest of the energy of the creation. At every turn an underlying commonality, a unity, emerges from within the diversity. - Author: Gerald Schroeder
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#10. I'm proud of all our records. Even the crap ones. - Author: Joe Strummer
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#11. I started out typing and filing and answering the phones for a little nine-person firm. And that nine-person firm gave me my chance to find my own way. - Author: Carly Fiorina
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#12. O Dionysus, we feel you near,
stirring like molten lava
under the ravaged earth,
flowing from the wounds of your trees
in tears of sap,
screaming with the rage
of your hunted beasts. - Author: Euripides
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#13. Communism everywhere has paid the price of rigidity and dogmatism. Freedom has the strength of compassion and flexibility. It has, above all, the strength of intellectual honesty. - Author: Robert Kennedy
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#14. My audience consists mainly of people who already recognize how bad this culture is, and I want to push them to become more radical. It doesn't really matter to me if they are Left or Right. - Author: Derrick Jensen
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#15. Where some one else's welfare is concerned, a young girl becomes as ingenious as a thief. Guileless where she herself is in question, and full of foresight for me,
she is like a heavenly angel forgiving the strange incomprehensible sins of earth. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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