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Top 8 Famous Supermodel Quotes

#1. If you're looking to be a professional athlete on the top tier of any sport, my best advice is to put everything you have into it. If you're not, somebody else is. It's got to be all or nothing.

Dominick Cruz

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#2. I now knew a method of speaking and writing that - by means of a refined vocabulary, stately and thoughtful pacing, a determined arrangement of arguments, and a formal orderliness that wasn't supposed to fail - sought to annihilate the interlocutor to the point where he lost the will to object.

Elena Ferrante

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#3. There's a big difference between decorators and designers and the training is very different.

Genevieve Gorder

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#4. It is important to say "sir" at these moments. And if they ever call you by your first-middle-last name, you better watch out. I'm telling you.

Stephen Chbosky

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#5. Look not so deeply into words and letters; for this Mystery hath been hidden by the Alchemists. Compose the sevenfold into a fourfold regimen; and when thou hast understood thou mayest make symbols; but by playing child's games with symbols thou shalt never understand.

Aleister Crowley

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#6. Ligys corrected him primly. "I am not the bloodthirsty First Mate. "I'm the bloodthirsty ship surgeon.

C.K. Garner

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#7. At IMVU, the cost of customer acquisition through our five-dollar-a-day AdWords campaign was less than twenty-five cents. Our revenue from those same customers was more than a dollar.

Eric Ries

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#8. Jazz music hashaunted America for seventy years.It has tempted us out of our lily-white reserve with its black promise of untrammeled joy.

John Clellon Holmes

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