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#1. Space is infinite. To the mind that means freedom, liberation.' So wrote Arisko, our greatest turkle philosopher, in his most famous work, 'Thoughts In A Bathtub'," said Dottia, dreamily, in an inspired state. - Author: Philip Dodd
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#2. arts, I said, just like that in painting, in literature, I said, even philosophers are ignorant of philosophy. Most artists are ignorant of their art. They have a dilettante's notion of art, remain stuck all their lives in dilettantism, even the most famous artists in the world. We - Author: Thomas Bernhard
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#3. Time (again, Time) like the soul, wears many faces, many bodies and climates and attitudes. The past is one face, the present a second and the future yet another. - Author: Aberjhani
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#4. Although it is not as famous as Kuhn's SSR, Bas van Fraassen's book The Scientific Image (1980) has certainly had a profound effect on the philosophy of science - Author: Howard Margolis
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#5. That means 19 or 20 of the books of the NT (New Testament) are anonymous. Many are blatantly pseudepigraphic (forgeries, see next section), with famous names applied to artificially promote veracity. - Author: Thomas Daniel Nehrer
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#6. The greatest skeptic must now admit that the land and sea-borne trade of India had given her a world-wide fame not only for her gold, spices and silk, but for her religions and philosophies also. - Author: Virchand Gandhi
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#7. It was George Bernard Shaw who famously said that you should not do to others as you would wish to be done to - the famous 'golden rule' of moral philosophy - because they might have other tastes. - Author: Will Buckingham
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#8. I grew up once, I decided never to do it again - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#9. Poetry and art nourish the soul of the world with the flavor-filled substances of beauty, wisdom and truth. - Author: Aberjhani
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#10. Being under pressure is great, if it's all in the right place. - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#11. Aristotle was famous for knowing everything. He taught that the brain exists merely to cool the blood and is not involved in the process of thinking. This is true only of certain persons. - Author: Will Cuppy
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#12. This fire that we call Loving is too strong for human minds. But just right for human souls. - Author: Aberjhani
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#13. It is easy to live with someone of value than someone famous. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#14. My philosophy was, if I just do good work, someone will like it enough to employ me. It never made me famous. And I'm way, way too old now, mate. That boat's sailed. - Author: Ian Hart
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#15. Realize that "I Can't" usually means "I won't"! - Author: Tae Yun Kim
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#16. One of the century's most famous intellectual pronouncements comes at the beginning of The Myth of Sisyphus: There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide. Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy. - Author: William Styron
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#17. What a lover's heart knows let no man's brain dispute. - Author: Aberjhani
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#18. I'm Noah, and you are the ship coasting along the banks and as long as you are my valentine I will sail between your eyes.. - Author: Adel Abouhana
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#19. I do not have much liking for the too famous existential philosophy, and, to tell the truth, I think its conclusions false. - Author: Albert Camus
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#20. Oddly enough, my favorite genre is not fiction. I'm attracted by primary sources that are relevant to historical questions of interest to me, by famous old books on philosophy or theology that I want to see with my own eyes, by essays on contemporary science, by the literatures of antiquity. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
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#21. Iron deficiency can lead to a wardrobe full of crumpled clothes - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#22. The sun doesn't live in England; it comes here on holiday when we're all at work. - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#23. Bruce Lee was very famous. I watched his movies and he is amazing. He is a martial arts master, his philosophy, his movement, both physically and mentally, were very strong. - Author: Jet Li
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#24. His philosophy was a mixture of three famous schools
the Cynics, the Stoics and the Epicureans
and summed up all three of them in his famous phrase, 'You can't trust any bugger further than you can throw him, and there's nothing you can do about it, so let's have a drink. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#25. The important thing to remember is not to forget - Author: Benny Bellamacina
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#26. What is this slow blue dream of living,
and this fevered death by dreaming? - Author: Aberjhani
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#27. I first heard of Parmenides' best-known assertion, "Whatever is, is." I laughed and blurted out, "And he's famous?" With this verbal ejaculation I revealed myself as the quintessential sophomore. - Author: R.C. Sproul
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#28. A world without poetry and art would be too much like one without birds or flowers: bearable but a lot less enjoyable. - Author: Aberjhani
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#29. ...he didn't know if he was Chuang Tzu who dreamed he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he was Chuang Tzu. - Author: Inio Asano
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#30. The Sun Stone, the famous Aztec calendar, is unquestionably a perfect summary of science, philosophy, art and religion. - Author: Samael Aun Weor
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#31. He developed his revolutionary philosophy, with its grounding not in the Bible or ancient writers but in human reason, and became famous and infamous for it. - Author: Russell Shorto
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