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Top 10 Famous Olympic Sporting Quotes

#1. I think the bottom of the barrel is where the answers are. - Author: Fred Eaglesmith
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#2. These days, it's really been uninteresting except when disasters occur. - Author: James Van Allen
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#3. He revolutionized music videos. Before Michael Jackson, MTV refused to play African-American artists. - Author: Spike Lee
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#4. I majored in elementary education, and I have a passion for kids. - Author: Allyson Felix
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#5. We don't have the choice to hold a minute from passing,but we do have the choice to make that moment magical.-RVM - Author: R.v.m.
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#6. Most good writing is clear, vigorous, honest, alive, sensuous, appropriate, unsentimental, rhythmic, without pretension, fresh, metaphorical, evocative in sound, economical, authoritative, surprising, memorable, and light. - Author: Ken Macrorie
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#7. I think a great artist should be able to create any style, any form, anything from rock to pop to gospel to spiritual, just wonderful music where everybody can sing it ... - Author: Michael Jackson
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#8. I never, ever have seen media this way. It's almost indescribable. Making up stories, refusing to run real stories. It's making themselves look like utter fools. There's no journalism, there is no media. There's pure, full-fledged advocacy here. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#9. Whenever encountering a troublesome person, do not identify him as being cruel or stupid or rude or anything else like that. Instead, see him as a frightened person. - Author: Vernon Howard
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#10. I enjoy the challenge of taking something which was not meant for the piano, distilling its essence and writing or improvising it for/at the piano, but having the listener forget that he or she is listening to a piano. - Author: Michael Hersch
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