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#1. We are the third world not because the sun rises on the West and sets in the East but because we have engaged the reverse gear and we are moving with jet like speed in the wrong direction -we must change this by rolling up our sleeves and working for the growth of our country. - Author: Patrick L.O. Lumumba
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#2. When a Girl's on a pedestal, there's nothing some people would like better than to shove her off it, just to know what kind of noise she'd make when she shattered. - Author: Katherine Howe
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#3. You could be with someone and still feel alone because you were never fully connected to them. Story of my life. - Author: Beth Watson
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#4. People don't like it, but inevitably we need to think about both the costs and the benefits of health care. We cannot avoid the financial consequences. - Author: Steven Levitt
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#5. Stories continue in all directions to include even the retelling of the stories themselves, as legend is informed by interpretation, and interpretation is informed by time. - Author: Garth Stein
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#6. When you start out writing, your inner creative is just a little seedling with tiny leaves above the earth, peeping out into the air for the first time. - Author: Joanna Penn
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#7. Art is a profession, not a shrine. - Author: Elizabeth Hardwick
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#8. Experience shows that disregard for the environment always harms human coexistence, and vice versa. It becomes more and more evident that there is an inseparable link between peace with creation and peace among men. - Author: Pope Benedict XVI
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#9. When I was 8, my favorite toy was a stapler. My brother was afraid of me. - Author: Emily Procter
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#10. God Almighty never created a man half as wise as he looks. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#11. The gospel is not a book; it is a living being, with an action, a power, which invades every thing that opposes its extension, behold! It is upon this table: This book, surpassing all others. I never omit to read it, and every day with some pleasure. - Author: Napoleon Bonaparte
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#12. Keynes tried to show that market economies could settle in equilibrium states in which the labour market did not clear, and in which the level of unemployment was high. He believed that this was due to a particular example of market failure, developed in his concept of effective demand. - Author: Paul Ormerod
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#13. What I tell my kids is, 'I'm preparing you for college and for life. So, having independence, knowing how to set your own boundaries, figuring out how to make that balance. We still have screen-time rules.' - Author: Michelle Obama
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#14. Do not be awe struck by other people and try to copy them. Nobody can be you as efficiently as you can. - Author: Norman Vincent Peale
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