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#1. What do you think the odds are this is going to be one of those cases where the butler did it? Because I could sell that story to any magazine in the country just for the headline. - Author: Richard Castle
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#2. It's not enough to be famous. You have to be professional enough to make reform. - Author: Vitali Klitschko
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#3. It was the story of her life and probably how she had survived this long: with a little talent and a lot of flair. - Author: Fannie Flagg
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#4. We saw men haying far off in the meadow, their heads waving like the grass which they cut. In the distance the wind seemed to bend all alike. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#5. - then more Losses, with the Substance seeming like the only consolation against the pain of the mounting Losses, and of course you're in Denial about it being the Substance that's causing the very Losses it's consoling you about - - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#6. dark chocolate exists and we can love everything that is strange, different and exotic - the - Author: Carlos Aleman
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#7. The arrangement was simply FreedomWorks paid Glenn Beck money and Glenn Beck said nice things about FreedomWorks on the air. I saw that a million dollars went to Beck this past year, that was the annual expenditure. I put it down now as basically as paid advertising for FreedomWorks by Beck. - Author: Dick Armey
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#8. I think breathing is actually the key to a lot of opening up of other parts of yourself that you haven't used, for any job, but particularly in acting. - Author: Sigourney Weaver
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