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Top 11 Famous Igbo Quotes

#1. For the first time, I had a protector - andI never knew I needed one until then. - Author: Karina Halle
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#2. You might be a redneck if you think that the styrofoam cooler is the greatest invention of all time. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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#3. What can we gain by sailing to the moon if we are not able to cross the abyss that separates us from ourselves? This is the most important of all voyages of discovery, and without it all the rest are not only useless but disastrous. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#4. The meek may one day inherit the earth, but not the headlines. - Author: Indira Gandhi
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#5. Faith means that it doesn't matter what happens. You can trust that somebody is watching. Trust that somebody will make it all right. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#6. If the people in an organization think the company is small, they will act that way. If they think the company is big, they will act that way. - Author: David J. Greer
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#7. He who demands mercy and shows none ruins the bridge over which he himself is to pass. - Author: Thomas Adams
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#8. I've never had a huge circle of friends. I can't spread myself that thin and go 100 million miles an hour all the time. I choose to give truly of myself, entirely of myself, to the people I choose to do that with, and I can't do that with everyone. - Author: Jeremy Northam
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#9. Cooking is not about being the best or most perfect cook, but rather it is about sharing the table with family and friends. - Author: Skye Gyngell
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#10. Our parents, worse than our grandparents, gave birth to us who are worse than they, and we shall in our turn bear offspring still more evil. - Author: Horace
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#11. As is well know, I, ah..regard myself as a religious man, yet I belong to no church. I'm an able soldier yet I abhor armies. I can even add that I've been introduced to hundreds of women but never married. In other words no one's ever talked me into anything. - Author: Charlton Heston
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