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#1. The mark of highest originality lies in the ability to develop a familiar idea so fruitfully that it would seem no one else would ever have discovered so much to be hidden in it. - Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
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#2. You will choose your path, or perhaps it will choose you. - Author: Gemma Malley
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#3. D'you think I'd let a little thing like the grave come between us?
-Richard - Author: Susanna Kearsley
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#4. Joy cannot unfold the deepest truths. Cometh white-robed Sorrow, stooping and wan, and flingeth wide the door she must not enter. - Author: George MacDonald
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#5. There was a time when she did not remember my name or that we were married, but she still remembered that she loved me. - Author: Gene Wolfe
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#6. I'm asking you to pay attention in a new way and view it all as being Alive.
With a capital A. - Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
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#7. Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn't imagine minions being girls. - Author: Pierre Coffin
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#8. We gained a great deal of prestige, but not much money. We liked to work so much we couldn't hide it and the club owners paid us accordingly. - Author: Judy Holliday
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#9. In every aspect and among almost every demographic, how American society digested and processed the long, dark chapter between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of the civil rights movement has been delusion. - Author: Douglas A. Blackmon
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#10. to earn the prize of being taken seriously among Nigerians in America, among Africans in America, indeed among immigrants in America, she needed more years. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#11. I don't want anybody between a doctor and a patient - not an insurance company bureaucrat or a Washington bureaucrat. - Author: John Barrasso
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#12. It is human misery and not pleasure which contains the secret of the divine wisdom. - Author: Simone Weil
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#13. And deep down, she felt like maybe she didn't deserve it-that she belonged with the petty thieves and guys who drank Pabst Blue Ribbon for breakfast - Author: Jennifer McMahon
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#14. The fact that he got to save the Gwardian's mate and managed to piss him off at the same time, well that was just a bonus and pure luck of circumstance. After all, he had gypsy blood inside of him and could not stop the satisfaction he got from pissing people off. - Author: Madison Thorne Grey
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#15. To see all the fans getting into it, that's pretty special. - Author: Johan Santana
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