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#1. Look through that clump of trees. There's a hawk sitting on the weathervane at the Red Rooster Inn. I've heard that if someone you love very much passes away, they can come back in the form of a hawk, to look after you and give you comfort. - Author: Caroline Fyffe
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#2. For God to reveal His Son in us is not the result of research or searching; it is entirely a matter of mercy and revelation. It is an inward seeing, an inner knowing. - Author: Watchman Nee
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#3. Has a disagreement with an employer ever led to dismemberment or disemboweling? - Author: Heidi Schulz
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#4. We have been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. But if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? - Author: Ronald Reagan
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#5. Loki sees her and he is like "Oh man that chick looks like she is about to get some TREASURE I want to RUIN THAT ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR HER because I am Loki and that is what I DO. - Author: Cory O'Brien
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#6. The theft potentially of data does create this image of sort of cloak and dagger politics that we sort of imagine when we think of underhanded politics. - Author: Tamara Keith
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