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Top 10 Famous Female Boxer Quotes

#1. I'm competitive. I'd love another chance to be part of a Stanley Cup championship team. That'd be awesome. - Author: Ed Belfour
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#2. The cool blade
Severs between coolness, apple-rind
Compelling a recognition. - Author: Charles Tomlinson
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#3. I made efforts to swallow tears and to protect the species of the Japanese nation. - Author: Hirohito
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#4. Over the years, I've lived in a variety of places, including America, but I was born and raised in the Lake District, in Cumbria. Growing up in that rural, sodden, mountainous county has shaped my brain, perhaps even my temperament. - Author: Sarah Hall
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#5. I knew we needed a weapon to break through to the US market, and it had to be something different, something that nobody else was making. - Author: Akio Morita
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#6. It's only that I feel an injustice has been committed. Why should I have somebody else's malaria and you have my dose of clap? - Author: Joseph Heller
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#7. People don't understand this, but I started very young, and I became very, very successful at a very young age. By the time I was 26 years old, I was a multimillionaire. And I started with nothing. And I was on the road 10, 11 months a year. - Author: Jerry Weintraub
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#8. I didn't really come from money. So I wanted my thesis show to grab as much attention as possible. - Author: Lucien Smith
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#9. People today find real debate about actual topics difficult, and much prefer the parody of debate which consists of giving a dog a bad name and then beating him for it, and lashing out, too, at anyone who associates with the dog you happen to be beating at the time. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#10. I say, If everybody in this house lives where it's God first, friends and family second and you third, we won't ever have an argument. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
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