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#1. Are we going somewhere?" "To the river." "But why?" "To see what we can see." "I really d-don't think . . ." We were going to end up as newspaper headlines: Pensioner and Homosexual Found Dead in River - Coincidence, Tragedy, or Satanic Ritual Gone Wrong? - Author: Alexis Hall
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#2. I'm very proud of my roles. I enjoy the ability to touch millions of people and, in some way, connect with them in ways that I cannot connect with them in my normal, everyday life. - Author: Delroy Lindo
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#3. Being a single mother was the right thing for me. But I have a tremendous amount of help from my friends. They're in love with my kids, and my kids are in love with them. - Author: Edie Falco
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#4. Teacher doesn't become a Teacher itself, But by a Student - Author: Samar Sudha
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#5. The greatest threat to religion in any society is not persecution, but rather apathy born of irrelevance. - Author: Sherman A. Jackson
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#6. What was the nameless shadow which again in that one instant had passed? - Author: Charles Dickens
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#7. I did this so well'- one says this and tastes the sweetness of subtle pride of doership. One enjoys the sweetness of this subtle pride. There is pain [suffering] with projection of doer-ship. God is eternal bliss and that indeed is the nature of the Self! - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#8. I have a tendency, just because I'm an ambitious person, to get impatient with things and want them to be moving faster then they are. - Author: Pablo Schreiber
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#9. For me, the essence of the great American Dream is spiritual. I believe that our Constitution is inspired and that it is based on principles that are timeless and universal. This is the reason why 95% of all written constitutions throughout the world are modeled after our Constitution. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#10. Evolution is not something you can believe in or not believe in like do you believe in gravity. - Author: Bill Nye
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#11. But in order to be the thing you want to be, you have to work like a dog at the thing you love. - Author: Frank Langella
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#12. People must learn more and more that the strength of this country is the democratic power of the trade union movement - Author: Michael Foot
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#13. And the young people in the 1960's identified with it immediately, because, I guess the young people had been having years of repression really. They felt that the, you know, after the war everything was very austere, particularly in Europe. - Author: George Martin
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