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#1. I always feel I have made unfilmable books. I even felt that way about a book of mine that was later made into a movie. But my wife, who has made two films, thinks this one would make a very original film. I'm all for original films. - Author: Rick Moody
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#2. I don't know if power seduces less or more. I think power is a constant evolving mechanism that, since the dawn of time, on one level corrupts and on another level does not. But I think, no matter what, mutates. - Author: Nicolas Winding Refn
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#3. Ain't nothing in this life comes easy to any of us, child. Every road you walk down's got a price. Sooner you learn that the better. Don't matter the direction you go, there'll be some bad mixed in with the good and you just gotta learn to take the one with the other. - Author: Victoria Forester
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#4. It matters little which party has gotten lazy about delivering what their partner craves. It doesn't take too many days or weeks for an unsatisfied partner to start to feel love-starved and sadly unfulfilled. If you want great sex in the bedroom, show love to each other outside the bedroom. - Author: Cathy Burnham Martin
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#5. When you go to a great concert something that happens is there is a deep sense of communality and connectedness one to another - as though we are all looking to eachother and saying yeah, we get it, we're all on one page. - Author: Bill Henson
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#6. It is humanity's destiny to explore the universe. When we start thinking and working on that cosmic level, we will transcend our parochial differences and tribal natures and become global creatures, solar system creatures. Then we will figure out where we fit in. - Author: Story Musgrave
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#7. Remember, when you are dead, you do not know you are dead. It is only painful for others.
The same applies when you are stupid. - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#8. My first thought when I came here was that I understood why there are so many great Irish writers - because there is something mystical in the air. There's always this cloudy, moody sky and it's challenging. - Author: Christopher Meloni
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#9. In terms of playing ability there is nothing to choose between number one and 100. Instead, it's a question of who believes and who wants it more? Which player is mentally stronger? Which player is going to fight the hardest in the big points? These are the things that determine who is the champion. - Author: Novak Djokovic
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#10. My second husband encouraged me to go to a writing group at our local theatre. It was my 'coming out of the closet' moment. - Author: Sue Townsend
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