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Top 5 Famous Bayern Munich Quotes

#1. God's will for you is to make you more like Jesus. Christlikeness is your target, your goal, your vision, and the reason you were created. You are set apart to be like Jesus. That goal will take the rest of your life to accomplish." (Life Hacks, p.61)

Jon Morrison

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#2. It's all about self-preservation now, dying doesn't scare me, it's whatever he has planned for me before it comes to the end that does. After all, it takes more courage to suffer than to die. And I'm not about to give in easily.

Danielle Dickson

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#3. Virtue looks good but it only suits imposing figures.

Frank Wedekind

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#4. I think Tony Blair has to come down on one side or the other. You can't be a half-hearted supporter of the possible attack on Iraq. You're either with George Bush or you're against him.

Simon Hoggart

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#5. Change' is the description of the adventures of eternal objects in the evolving universe of actual things.

Alfred North Whitehead

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