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Top 12 Famous Banker Quotes

#1. Famous in our circles is the story of the visiting English banker who in 1948 upon seeing our model 95 camera commented, 'Very interesting, but why would one want a picture in a minute?' - Author: Edwin Land
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#2. I've always thought flight was fun and wanted to write about flight, and I knew a lot of househusbands who were having a really bad time with it. I thought flight might perk up a marriage here or there. - Author: Steven Amsterdam
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#3. Jace whistled. "Raphael is really having an exceptionally bad night."
-Jace, pg.283- - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#4. She played pretty much every sport, her favorite being volleyball. My favorite part of her: she had that smart, I'm-too-good-for-this-I-read-Vonnegut attitude about her. - Author: RH Ramsey
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#5. Depression is boring, I think
and I would do better to make
some soup and light up the cave. - Author: Anne Sexton
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#6. The dream of all men is to meet little sluts who are innocent but ready for all forms of depravity - which is what, more or less, all teenage girls are. - Author: Michel Houellebecq
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#7. All of which was OK, as that proved then, I certainly wouldn't contradict it as a necessary sense of things. - Author: Robert Creeley
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#8. We cannot leave our children disconnected from opportunities that are designed specially for them. - Author: Sharad Vivek Sagar
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#9. Marriage is lonelier than solitude. - Author: Adrienne Rich
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#10. America's corporations learned long ago that equality is just good business and is the right thing to do, - Author: Lloyd Blankfein
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#11. And once you say this is true, you start naming the beast that hurts you - so I started doing this. Other truths come out. - Author: Terry Gross
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#12. Stronger than iron crueler than death sweeter than springtime it lives beyond breath - Author: Juliet Marillier
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