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#1. Ranking where people stand in your life and who they are to you helps you determine who you value the most and therefore where best to spend your time. - Author: Connor Franta
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#2. i'm sorry that
has become
such a
concept. - Author: Darshana Suresh
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#3. We cannae just rush in, ye ken."
"Point o' order, Big Man. Ye can just rush in. We always just rush in."
"Aye, Big Yan, point well made. But ye gotta know where ye're just gonna rush in. Ye cannae just rush in anywhere. It looks bad, havin' to rush oout again straight awa'. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#4. Fondle the woman in your life once for every thousand times you play with your private parts. That should be just about right. - Author: Barbara Graham
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#5. Next to worry probably one of the most potent causes of unhappiness is envy. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#6. Roberto Calasso's survey of the renewed interest in myth demonstrates how decisive the gods' influence was on modern literature. Calasso is not only immensely learned; he is one of the most original thinkers and writers we have today. - Author: Charles Simic
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#7. my bonny love, our roof is safe above, our roof is finely tiled, God protect my little child. - Author: Anonymous
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#8. In economic theory the conclusions are sometimes less interesting than the route by which they are reached. - Author: Piero Sraffa
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#9. I just wanted to make sure that God's hand was upon it, especially for a band that always stood for God's message; that was important. - Author: Michael Sweet
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#10. I've never wanted to be in fashion. Because if you're in fashion, you're going to be out of fashion. - Author: Ralph Lauren
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#11. The newspapers loved pinup pictures of pretty young swimmers, and as a national champion, I got more than my share of space in the sports pages. - Author: Esther Williams
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#12. You will never be able to measure your influence for good. - Author: Thomas S. Monson
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