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Top 14 Fall Winter Fashion Quotes

#1. The thing about Tolkien, about The Lord of the Rings, is that it's perfect. It's this whole world, this whole process of immersion, this journey. It's not, I'm pretty sure, actually true, but that makes it more amazing, that someone could make it all up. Reading it changes everything. - Author: Jo Walton
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#2. He paid scant attention to the conversation. He could smell his own sent on Anna's body, and it satisfied him in a primal way ... She gasped as he buried his nose in her maiden hair and inhaled. His scent was strongest here, in her gilded curls so soft and pretty in the morning light. - Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
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#3. There are plenty of bad editors who try to impose their own vision on a book. ( ... )
A good novel editor is invisible. - Author: Terri Windling
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#4. Have you really become so much an Angrezi that you believe your people have only to say "It is forbidden", for such old customs as this to cease immediately? Bah! - Author: M.M. Kaye
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#5. You can tell how often a person thinks of you by how often they tell you they think of you. - Author: Mark W. Boyer
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#6. The only way physical comedy works is if you don't see it coming. And the harder the fall, the funnier it is. You have to really take some shots, and I've walked away with some bumps and bruises. - Author: Chris Pratt
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#7. under the lighthouse there's always darkness - Author: Tsukasa Hojo
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#8. I don't meditate in any formal way, but I often lie in bed or find myself in nature and enter into that state of quiet where I get images, feelings, or melodies. - Author: Julian Lennon
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#9. The stark reality is that crime happens in communities of color. - Author: Raymond Kelly
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#10. The call to protect life - and not merely life but another's identity; it is perhaps not too much to say another's soul - was obvious in its sacredness. - Author: Paul Kalanithi
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#11. What is the relationship of the obvious things that we see around us to the things that we believe we understand within ourselves? This is the ancient alchemical formula: "as above, so below, as within, so without." - Author: Fred Alan Wolf
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#12. Is any story not always the narrator's story, in the end? - Author: Lee Smith
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#13. I'm an actor and my job is to interpret. - Author: Richard Madden
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#14. Philosophers and common heathen believed one God, to whom all things were referred; but under this God they worshipped many inferior and subservient gods. - Author: Benjamin Stillingfleet
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